December 10 8:25 PM

Namkyu told me his date was a success. >o<  He told her my phrase.  Hmm…  I have high hopes for them.
He also told me he had no more interest in that Jennifer. -_-  I guess that makes two of us.
I met Matoba Megumi in the lab today.  I could barely recognize her with her short hair…  She seemed uninterested in me as always, although she did tell me some of her troubles.  It seems she doesn’t have many friends in Provo, where she studies (she also has two classes at BYU Salt Lake here).  I can sort of tell, too…  She didn’t really have the energy today that my memory ascribes to her.  Seems kind of sad…  I guess it could just be the end-of-term weighing on her.

She thinks her classmates have never met a foreigner and assume she doesn’t speak English.  …Well, she does have a nice accent, and she can be rather reclusive. ;p

I said hello to that… Mar… Mary girl today.
Hm.  I missed a question on our 20-question online test today, in IT 120. ;\  How disappointing.  I haven’t missed any in the other four tests.  I realized right when I got to that question that I hadn’t finished all of the online learning activities.  It was the last question…
All that’s left in school is to turn in a bunch of stuff for religion tomorrow, if I can finish them.  Three classes certainly don’t keep you very busy during "finals", although we can’t even really use that word at LDSBC, except in a few classes.  Guess this really is a "vocational" school.  Well, I’m not complaining.  It should be more than just a few classes, though, that actually are rigorous enough to have real "finals".  Megumi reminded me today how easy LDSBC was compared with BYU.
My car lit up the engine malfunction indicator light today.  I just counted my money…  I owe 300 more to the Church.  To estimate very roughly, I should end up with about 900 by 2008.  It would probably be around 600 if I hadn’t lost that money fixing that guy’s car…  I didn’t write about that here.  I was teaching my friend Masami to drive so she could get licensed, but she brushed up against a guy’s bumper in the school parking garage.  I ended up paying him 600 dollars for it, which prompted me to go get another job — my airport job that had stalled during the application process last fall.  Anyway, I may possibly get a tax refund of a few hundred.  I need to save for my trip…  So I hope this engine problem isn’t serious.  I might be needing to get a new vehicle or something if this poor Camry is dying.
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