On Thursday and Friday it snowed like nuts.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and today, I was too tired to wake up for work because of working the nights before.  On Thursday I didn’t work at night either; I don’t remember why.  On Saturdays I don’t work nights anyway.  I started this job working mornings, Tuesday through Saturday; then this past week I added night shifts as well as Mondays.  The morning shifts are up to 3 hours, while the nights are up to 4 hours.  I started working more because of my ticket, like I wrote before, and because my 2-hour-per-day crossing guard job has stopped for the holiday until the start of January.  Clearly, though, it takes more of a toll on my energy.  Today I more or less could have gone in the morning, but my right arm and shoulder were so painful, so I slept again.  I think I pulled a muscle.
I got a phone call this morning while still in bed.  I didn’t know who it would be…  At first I thought it was my Korean friend, who apparently came two nights ago (making her first day here the winter solstice).  Before we deleted each other, she had said she would visit me on the 21st… so even though we haven’t really spoken for some weeks, I had been thinking that she would surely still contact me by today, at least online.  Well, I should’ve known better than to expect that.  It turned out to be my Zambian friend Inonge, who called to get me out with them today.  At around 2 p.m. I picked up her and her sister and we spent the rest of the day shopping.  Well, they did, anyway.  I spent a few token dollars, picking up some goodies for Tuesday.  At the store "Ross" I saw Mallory working there, this strangely cute white girl whom I’ve seen there before with these African girls.  At Ross, we also ran into their cousin Mabel, and she joined our car for the rest of the day.
At Walmart (our third shopping destination, across from the second Ross store on Redwood Road and about 5400 South), I bought them some mints…  Monde (Inonge’s sister) got me an appliance — so nice of her.  Then, before dropping Mabel off downtown, we stopped at her request at a little store and she cutely went in and came out with a gift for me, some cereal, assuring some milk later.  I think she got something for them too.  Leaving there, I drove past Temple Square, wondering if…  Well, she had wanted to see that, my friend.  I stopped at a gas station (the one by our school was too crowded, so I went to the one on 6th South… 2nd West?), then we drove back up to the KFC on 4th South and about 6th East where Inonge bought us some food.  Then, just before reaching their home in Millcreek, we passed by the cemetery, Wasatch Lawn.  It had these nice little lit bags dotting the field.  We went back and drove through.  I had somehow been telling them the story of my father’s death while I was a missionary, so I took the chance to stop and walk them to his grave.  I cleared off the snow… and his brother’s, to the right.
Their homestay family’s home’s backyard actually adjoins the cemetery not far west of Kelly’s grave.  They spotted their Christmas tree through the fence as we passed by.
Finally, I dropped them off and drove home listening to some Christmas variation of Canon on the radio.
Kind of a cute day… I guess…
The song that should be playing on this page currently is "Invierno" by Reik, some South/Central American music group.  I haven’t really gotten it translated yet beyond the obvious title.  I guess the title’s enough.
…I… kind of… wish I could stop wishing she would call.  I wish I could forget… like she has.
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