O.k., Steve, you be as "godlike" as you want… but this is what happens when you forgive: "I have the hottest guy in my class."  She’ll rather emotionally slut after a guy she will never, ever be with than be happy and secure with "godlike" you.
Remember it, remember it.  In forgiving, you are a slave, doing her bidding and being rewarded by her lash.  If that’s fine, then forgive again and again, forever.
Go ahead, try it, then.  Maybe it hasn’t been done yet — maybe everybody else eventually starts to dodge the whip.  But you go ahead and sit there and be whipped.  At least you know that if you do it like Eunhee, it will end up like Eunhee, at least on your side — forgetting her very existence — so maybe your masochism will turn things out another way; maybe worse, maybe better.
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