She was rude today…  Actually, I’ve noticed that she criticizes me a lot… but if I ever speak against somebody, she defends them and tells me not to criticize.  I know I started to talk the same way with girls I stopped liking.
Also, many times when I make a conclusion about something she’s saying, she says "That’s not what I’m talking about," and repeats the same thing in a slightly different way.  I guess she only wants to be right…
Well, I never wanted to love or like or be friends with a rude person.
She’s "clever", yes, in the way of figuring out technical things.  But she’s so slow with figuring out how to treat people.  I need a girl or a friend who will build me instead of tearing me down.
"She’s still young," yes… but she was never this "young" till she left me…
…Left me to look for somebody she never yet found, even after a year…
I was always the best for her, because I cared the most.  And I’ve tried hard to make her happy here…
I guess I have to try for somebody else…
She’ll turn to her new, temporary friends, I know… forgetting about her old friends, sadly… till the distant day when she realizes what her changing heart has made her lose.
…But I guess she won’t begin to realize that till she actually does lose it… not while I’m still here for her, all the time.
Well, maybe I really need to try for another.  I’ll take all the humility I got out of this experience, and find a humble girl like me.  I won’t love her at first, but maybe in time.  And together we’ll make a heaven.
…I’m sorry to my friend.  When she wakes up, I hope she finds happiness.
I hope someday she can get back what she threw away.
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