Yesterday I went and met Tugsuu, and we spent the afternoon and evening together.  We talked about stuff…  I commented that we felt more like brother and sister than anything else, and that maybe we weren’t attracted to each other.  She kind of agreed…  But later while relaxing at her house, I thought maybe that was mistaken.  Anyway, we had a great time yesterday without any of the arguing that had marred our former friendship.  She cooked up something to eat before getting dropped off at work.
Today my old, old friend Hedy called me…  It was so good to hear her voice.  She gave me the idea that maybe I could consider visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she is studying.  Tugsuu had told me that I shouldn’t go to Mongolia this year because of the Chinese Olympics (she thought I shouldn’t go anywhere in Asia this summer), and because she wouldn’t be there to accompany me, so when Hedy suggested I visit, I gave it serious attention.
Ah, her call was so nice.  She says the funniest things and has such a cute style of talking.
After that, now, I just started thinking again about visiting Australia, where my friend Yiu is, whom I’ve recently interacted with again online after some time.  It would be a comparable expense, though, with Asia.
I think if I don’t have the money for…  Oh, Tugsuu called me back.
…So, I wanted to… if I couldn’t take a major trip, take a minor one to extend the expiry of my frequent flier miles, which is now the end of this year.
Well, I feel much better now…  Yesterday with Tugsuu, I started feeling lonely again…  But it was so nice to hear from my old friend, and now Tugsuu again.  And just minutes ago, I called my friend Bomie; she was at home and doing fine.
This morning, waking up, I read Alma 42, thereabouts, and decided I needed to repent… and that my idea of being able to die without being prepared was not the best one.
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