Mountains & Clouds

Some men are so great and so constant, they seem immovable, perpetual; yet the elements wear them all away in the end.  Yesterday and today, the angels came in their billowing chariots to herald with sunbeams the birth of a bright star in the heavens.  This mid-morning, the winter storm duly brought his bitter tidings of grief, and the whole city covered and bowed its head in recognition.  I suppose even the massive earth herself took a special notice of the sudden barrenness in Salt Lake City last night, when our greatest mountain was carried away in the clouds.
(yesterday afternoon)
I haven’t met Jesus.  I’ve never seen Adam or spoken with Abraham; I’ve made no acquaintance with Moses or Isaiah; I wouldn’t recognize John or Paul.  I haven’t met Joseph, and I’ve only seen Brigham in pictures.  But as I pass through the veil, ere my memory is refreshed, I think I’ll recognize the place and the angels will seem kindred.  I haven’t seen God here, no; but I have seen one like him: his servant, Gordon.
I found out two hours afterwards, shortly after nine last night.  Coming online, I learned from my friends abroad that the news had already gone around the world and back.  I told my mother, and we prayed.  A peace seemed to descend on the city.
Today, the peace was gone, or else still there but smothered by a heavy sadness.  I could hardly pay attention in class, offended that life was going on as usual.  When the storm came I left religion class early to go commune with it.  But though the sun hid his face all day, he still rose and set in his course; and even I in my despair had to return twice to my intersection and escort those oblivious children.
I had no personal attachment to him.  He did live and later serve as president in my stake, East Millcreek; but I’ve never so much as shaken his hand.
…But he spoke on behalf of my Heavenly Father, and I heard the words.  And that’s all the attachment I need.
Bomie called back on Saturday and we went around looking for bed frames.  On Sunday, I went to church with Tugsuu at the U of U Institute, and for my effort, I was fined by the universitiy parking goons (the parking lot was overflowing, so I unwittingly parked in a "no parking" area, and evidently next to a "fire lane", although the warning curb was completely buried by the snow).
(the full parking lot)
(where I parked; "no parking any time" sign)
(a less invisible "fire lane" red curb across the way)
They charged me $20 for the fire lane; the cars around me only got $10 for the no-parking zone (I counted a total of $180 in tickets for people coming to worship God in that building; I might have missed some). They have no jurisdiction outside the university, and they won’t be seeing a penny of mine.  Strangely, I saw the same goon ("Officer 6") parked outside the parking office, right in a no-parking fire lane…
(the goon [white, in back] waiting for us witnesses to leave)
(other victims)
(no-parking sign [right]; the goon [left] abusing his power; that’s me behind him)
(the goon; "employee entrance")
The devil in that goon was not the only one making mischief that day.  After church, Tugsuu asked me how I liked the ward.  I’d had a good enough time, actually, but I hadn’t been particularly impressed by any of the members and didn’t feel at all welcome there…  Telling her that, she began raking me about being too picky, saying that I shouldn’t even go to church at all.  She accused and I defended all the way to her apartment, with her helpless roommate silent in the back seat.  Later online, she repeated the things that broke our friendship late last year…  But I’m not angry.  I can’t give her unstable support if stability is what she needs most.  But, it does settle again my recent uncertainty about… extra-friendship things…
Sunday evening we picked up our grandmother and went to my cousin’s house.  It’s her son’s birthday, and hers is also close.  I met a woman from the Philippines, here in company with my aunt’s first husband.

We took Grandma home and then came back.  Shanna turned on the T.V., and there was Bob Evans talking about the "legacy" of Gordon B. Hinckley…

Well, I called those friends whose numbers I have (who are just Tugsuu and Bomie).  They knew already, just like my online friends…  They didn’t seem bothered.  Bomie even said she "wasn’t interested in that" when I told her there would be a new prophet.  What a nice attitude…  She’s going the way of Tugsuu.  I don’t know why girls do this.  Even Hedy…  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’ve got some weird Midas’ touch, but where everything I touch turns apostate instead of turning to gold.  But anyway, I think she’s still just on her way up.  …I hope.  Hope they all are.

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