It rained lightly today and hailed a bit.  It was nice.  To me, there’s no weather better than a summer rain, and a spring rain is right up there.  I love being in the rain, being covered and secluded by the clouds…  I loved the rain in Hong Kong, and in Korea, and also in British Columbia.  It really made those places seem magical.
Two nights ago I tended kids for the women’s dinner at church.  There were only two siblings, Brigham (5) and Caleb, and before long their dad came to get them.
I took Masami for another driving test yesterday morning.  We scheduled the next one for April 11.  It may be the last.  If my memory’s right, April 11th was the day I was initially scheduled to leave Hong Kong, 2003.
I barely have any school these days, as I already explained.  All that’s left is my religion class.  I don’t like it much because of all the falseness, lopsidedness, and disrespect in that teacher’s doctrine…  As missionaries we were taught to have "quiet dignity".  Our teacher could stand to acquire even the tiniest portion.  Well, I understand if he’s just trying to not hate his job… but in my eyes he really just makes a big joke out of the gospel.  Besides that, it’s always the same few mentally crippled returned missionaries giving their poorly analyzed, manufactured, boring comments and answers, and the teacher gives no place for constructive discussion or truth-seeking, but is only interested in making a good point.  My rare elucidations have not been enthusiastically received by either teacher or pupil — I fear they’ve not even been understood — so I’ve stopped making them.  Most of all, the teacher passes over camels to dissect the gnats, and makes the appendages of the gospel into the gospel itself.
I guess I just have to outlast it… and remember to not repeat his mistakes.  If they’re not smart enough to see past it, then I’ll just let them alone…
On the other hand, I could learn something from his preparation and punctuality.
I took over the high score in my network (I guess it’s Salt Lake) today on Scramble, a word game on Facebook.
Spring vacation is coming up at my work school.  It lasts two weeks.  I’ve done the job for almost a year now, excepting last summer.  Oh… I met a Chinese SLCC student today from Gwongjau.  The Honduran mother brings me extra food sometimes; she gets it expired at some shop for free.
Life is kind of just spinning around like a coin on a table top.  I’m just staring at it, waiting for it to wobble…
I do hope it rains again.
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