Highway to the Sun

Today, the 31st, was the first day back at work after two weeks, and it had snowed heavily by this morning; but I was treated to an amazing visual experience while driving home.  Getting on the freeway east from State Street, the wet road was lit up like fire with the reflection of the rising sun, and the scape all around was white already.  It was hard to see the road…  Soon after, while going to school down the opposite lanes, I was following a pick-up truck who was spraying me with road water.  Visibility was again very poor, but for about ten seconds I was caught in a rainbow that formed in the mist.

Church was fine yesterday, the 30th…  In our gospel class we were joined by a girl, Laura, the granddaughter of Lamont Tyler.  She was planning a trip this summer to Uganda, and was happy to meet Norah, who’s from there.  They mentioned between them the name of Trevor Osborn, who served there before and is going to return also this summer.  Norah wondered how I knew him, and I told her that he was the boy being pursued by my new Sri Lankan friend, Rekha Selvaratnam…

Last night I went to the Marshalls’ family gospel class after a very long absence, where Stephen talked about the “seal” of Revelation 7 being the sealing family ordinance of the temple which secures God’s covenant between generations, saving the children.  The Marshall grandmother also related seeing the prophetic mantle borne by President Monson, who is in her ward.  After the class, I hung around with Meredith learning some Hebrew from her, which was enjoyable.  It was my second lesson from her.

When I think about it, Meredith is one of the few girls I know whom I would actually have to worry about measuring up to.  It’s hard to find smart girls.  Most of them that I know can barely even think straight without being told how, and they entertain all manner of strange interpretations about life and proper conduct, injurious to themselves and others.

Ten Thousand Lights

On Saturday the 29th I was scheduled to meet Tugsuu at a driving school for a road test; she came with her new boyfriend.  We thought she would need to use my car.  The tester (a Vietnamese man) arrived a bit late, used his own car for the test, and failed her on a minor issue, making himself some free money if she decides to return.  I was already going to leave after finding myself unneeded, but seeing them drive off, I decided it might be fun to follow them, which I did for the remainder of the test.

When that was over, I went and met Mable — Monde had called me in the morning saying that Mable needed a ride.  We shopped at Walmart and went back to her house, where the roommates were having some issues, for which her new roommate was a helpful moderator…

I went to Temple Square next and listened to a wonderful harpist in the Joseph Smith building, then wandered around a little, taking occasion to read the 2007 fall conference report I’d just bought.  There were throngs of young women there for their meeting at 6:00.  By 5:50 when I left, there were still thousands of them lined up outside the Conference Center.  I drove up to Ensign Peak and hiked it to the top, turning around and leaving almost immediately because of the chilly wind.  By 6:30 when I passed by again, all those sisters were gone inside.

In the afternoon of Friday the 28th was the school barbecue.  I found nobody to go with but Norah, so we left together and tried to find the park, but had no luck.  She had to work before long, so I dropped her off and went back to school to check the address of that park.  I met Tugsuu there, and together we were able to find the park; but by then, all the food was gone except for some chips and potato salad, which we enjoyed.  Before sending her home, I let her practice driving a bit.

On Thursday and Wednesday, the 27th and 26th, Tugsuu and I drove around; on Thursday she used my untouched printing account at school to print out some pages.

Shooting Star

On Tuesday morning, the 25th, I went to Monde’s house to pick up her and Rekha, who had spent the night, and take them to school.  First Monde needed to go to a store out west to buy some non-slip shoes for her new job.  At school, I did some reading before the devotional, a certain businessman alumnus talking about life lessons.  I left early because I’d made an appointment with Norah to take her to another distant store.  After that was done with, I picked up Tugsuu, who needed to schedule her driving test and do some other business (which turned out well).  We went back to school and had some lunch in the cafeteria — the first time I’ve been there this semester.  We saw Rekha there, and she came and sat with us…

Later in the day, I droppped off Tugsuu at work and came home.  Monde called, asking for delivery to Mable’s — on the way we visited Quinha.  At Mable’s, I met her new Texan roommate Carissa.

On the morning of Monday the 24th I picked up Rekha and Monde from Monde’s house — Rekha had also stayed over Sunday night — and took them to school.  I spent all day there doing mostly nothing.  I did discover an interesting book in the library, the new “Presidents and Prophets”.  I also practiced driving with Masami.  At day’s end, Monde, I, and Rekha went to her house and picked up some of her mom’s cooking, bringing it back to Monde’s.  On the way back, we also stopped at a Walmart for some goodies, and then at the Blockbuster video store near our house to rent a movie.  We didn’t like the movie, and ended up watching one of Monde’s: My Best Friend’s Wedding, always pertinent.

On Sunday the 23rd, I picked up Inonge and Monde from their house and took them to a singles ward across from Olympus High School.  I didn’t enjoy it at all, being surrounded by all those strangers.  From there, we got some food from my house to send with Inonge, then waited at their house for her ride (Ivan, from Bulgaria) to get her and take her back to Idaho.  After he came, Monde and I went to Rekha’s to pick her up.

Live Again

Late on Saturday the 22nd I went and met the sisters at their house.  Inonge was waiting for her former companion Michael, currently a taxman, to come and help her with her taxes.  He had to postpone the visit, so he was still there when Inonge’s date arrived from Utah Valley, Scott, a missionary from, I believe, Monde’s mission, who also happens to be the cousin of Rekha’s middle sister’s husband.  I chatted with Scott a bit, then I and Monde went to get Rekha to hang out.  Monde was in touch with Inonge and her date, and we decided to go join them at the dollar-fifty theatre; they were going to watch “27 Dresses”, a wedding show.  The movie was somewhat tolerable in conduct…  I wouldn’t watch it again.  Really sweet ending, though.  After that, we went to Dee’s down on 7th South.  A midnight breakfast later, Scott headed back home and we three went to drop off Rekha.  Then it was back to the sisters’ house.  After leaving them there, I was tired enough to just park outside their house and fall asleep…

The night’s sleep was a bit cool, but not too bad with my work coat.  I woke up just a few times, and a final time with the sun, which was just creeping over the mountains; it was Easter morning.  I started the car for heat, and was delighted by a vocal performance on the classical radio station.  I drove to my house (beating the sunrise since I lived toward the mountains) and parked at the driveway, getting out my scriptures for an Easter read.  I read the ends of the gospels and wondered how I would have acted in them.  I wondered about my life… and how deep I’d buried myself in pitiability, transient disappointments.  As I read and pondered… the sun rose again and blinked down at me, and the unclarity seemed to dispel.

I went inside for an Easter breakfast with my mom and Shane.  Then we dyed some eggs, which we’d neglected to do on Saturday.

On Friday the 21st, at school late in the day, Monde and I watched Rekha and her group practice their dance for the school drama club performance on April 1st.  Sudir, an Indian student, needed a ride home, so Monde and Rekha and I took him home, then we dropped Rekha off.  We went back to Monde’s house to meet Inonge, who had just arrived from Idaho.  We went and picked up Mable and Quinha, got a couple of scary movies, and went back to the sisters’ house to watch them into the small hours, when I went home.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th, I practiced driving with Tugsuu…  On Monday the 17th, I, Monde, and Rekha watched “Alvin and the Chipmunks” at the dollar theater (it cost fifty cents on Monday).  I guess that was my first real interaction with Rekha.  I’d seen her at school, of course, and had been dizzied by her beauty; I counted her with all the other too-pretty girls, assuming she would be far too haughty to ever descend into friendship with a normal person like me.  Whether she was or wasn’t, I’ll never know; but she was friends with my female friend, and so we had the fortune of meeting… and life has been a little strange for me since that meeting.


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