Ships Passing

It’s Tuesday, May 6.  This morning as I was going out to my car, I saw those Chinese girls, one of them running ahead, apparently on their way to the bus stop next to Albertson’s.  The bus passed by; the first girl waved at it but then stopped running, then the girl behind started running to catch up to the first.  When she did, they both continued walking as the poor bus driver waited up ahead at his stop.  They made no further attempt to hurry to catch him… so after about 20 seconds he left, right before they arrived.
Anyway, I thought this was my chance to meet them, offer them a ride down to Trax or wherever (I was sure they couldn’t be walking to Olympus High School); BUT, I knew it would make me late to work, and every couple of minutes I’m late, a kid or two might cross State Street alone.  (Well… not that it matters.  Some of those dang kids seem to make a special effort some days to get there at 7:28 or something, anyway, just before my shift starts; or if I come at 7:28, they come at 7:26.  School starts at 8:10.  I’m sure they have their reasons — mom at home yelling at them to leave, or something — but I wish they could time their walk a little better.  (And then there are some who’ve started to insist on crossing at the unmanned, un-stoplighted crosswalk down the road…  Brilliant kids.  Truly a chosen generation.))
So, anyhow, as I drove past those Chinese girls, I started consoling myself again with thoughts of what a nuisance it was to have a girl in your life; always somebody to take care of and spend all your time, energy, and self on.  Always having to waste your time being social and leaving undone everything you had intended to do.  It’s so hard to progress in life when you become a servant to some girl…  I told myself I should be grateful to be single.

Yesterday I went to school and Temple Square, then work at night.  It was Dave’s birthday.  I brought him home some Chinese food, but I haven’t seen him yet to give it to him…  64 dollars, not bad.  Same stuff tonight.
I think I almost have enough money to buy new tires.  I gave up on that loan idea; my mom let me use her car the next day for my classes, and after that, I started thinking my tires had a little life in them still.
My finger’s still splinted.

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