May 15, Thursday

For a few minutes last evening while driving, I enjoyed a glorious sunset that made me think that this was one of the cities that I truly loved.
Of course, I don’t have many choices of cities to love…
I was reminded of a sunset I once saw on the Han River in Seoul, that blessed haven…  What a marvelous city.
Today, I took a winding route back home from my morning work.  As you come from Millcreek to East Millcreek, the trees start getting taller…  My memory returned to British Columbia, that Eden.
I started wondering whether I would rather revisit those places again and again throughout my life, or if the memory was already the best part.
…I also started thinking of how many other places I would come to love if I could only visit them…
Anyway, this city of Salt Lake is absolutely as good and as beautiful as any I’ve seen.  What a blessing, to live in this city, and this world… one world among millions… all the work of the God who would give us everything he has… and even this one world, we could never in our short lives here hope to find out the extent of it.
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2 Responses to May 15, Thursday

  1. T says:

    Yeah..I know the feeling . When I was walking on the Singapore river , I also thought something or someone ..But, I told myslelf, these was past …I won’t live in memory 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve forgotten about people too.
    …And in reality, was it the people I was forgetting? No…  I still remember the person’s identity…
    It was my expectations of those people that I was forgetting.  Those expectations weren’t real anyway, and caused me all kinds of confusion.  It’s better to only expect things of myself… wonderful things.

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