May 17, Saturday

Yesterday, Friday, was my first visit to the courtroom in preparation for my ticket hearing (and my second time ever, counting my business law class visit).  They seemed accommodating.  I went to the state-level Matheson Courthouse on State Street, since the city-level justice court on 200 East had no court business at that day and time.
While down there, I noticed people setting up for the "Living Traditions" fair, to be open today and tomorrow.  I guess I’ll go back today and look around.
I gave myself a haircut yesterday…
My finger is still wearing a splint.
This week has been wonderful.  I feel that I’ve been forgetting a lot of my old disturbances.  Some people in our lives are just too stubborn; they’re like gall stones, solidified in their contrary ways.  You have two options with them: endure forever in pain, with never any productive result, or just… flush them from your system.
Bad feelings toward them?  Useless; you can lay them all down, as soon as you get rid of the person.
You meet a person, and you think they’re just beautiful, like a rose; you think they’ll make you happy; you reach for the rose-stem, and lean in to enjoy the fragrance…
And then….. ouch!
You pull the thorn out of your thumb and toss it aside.  It was momentary pain; you don’t need to hate the thorn any more, or hate the rose.  Go happily on your way, remembering that roses are not to be grabbed.  People are not to have your happiness pinned upon.
Yes… my forgetting is becoming complete.  Not just one person, one experience (although that one person was the impetus); I’m forgetting a lifetime of missteps and beginning to walk straight forward.  My gratitude is to God.
This present world was never our home, and everything we think we have here will vanish like smoke.  Put down any stakes in this life, and they’ll crumble.  Human existence has little to do with this world, our strange cultures, imaginary authorities, and mistaken realities.  I advise disbelieving everything you learn here, and learning from a surer source.  In a world of blind men, we can obtain vision… simply by choosing to open our eyes and see.
It’s past midnight.  I went to that festival, walking through once and leaving after about ten minutes, on my way to work.
I forgot to mention that yesterday, coming back from an order, I stopped at a garage sale on about 1800 East and 21st South to scan their book collection.  As I got out of my car and walked over, I saw a rubber-looking snake lying before the back tire of a van parked there.  I stooped down to look at it; its markings and texture showed that it was real, but a common type.  It looked undamaged, so I blew on it to try to get it to respond.  It apparently was dead.  A man came over to comment.  As we talked, a young boy came and fearlessly reached down and snatched up the snake, letting it dangle from his hand.
Today while driving up toward the zoo on my way to a Donner Way order, I spotted a mother duck crossing my lane with her brood.  I slowed as I came near; they had moved into the middle lane.  I gave them a beep and the mother jumped a bit, then kept going.  She then stopped and waited for an SUV to pass before entering the next lane; then in the last lane (as I saw in the rearview), she walked bravely in front of a speeding car which had to slow down and stop for her.  All the while, her six ducklings were toddling along behind her, huddled together and seemingly oblivious to the oustide.
It was a lovely evening.]
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