May 19, Monday

The government gave me 388 free dollars today (mailed on Friday) on top of my rightful tax refund (then again, I would support a [very low] flat tax as "rightful" for even the lowest earners, which includes me).  I guess I’m technically "on welfare" now, in the vernacular…
I spent all day at school reading up on medicine.
Oh, wait… hmm…
…I just read the "earned income credit" was instituted in 1975 "in part to offset the burden of social security taxes and to provide an incentive to work".  The second doesn’t matter, but the first…  Social Security is robbing me anyway…  Well, I’d planned to tithe that 388 since it was income to me, but now I have to reconsider whether… it’s merely a Social Security tax refund… and how much.
Hm, amazing.  In 2007, I paid a total of exactly 388.66 in Social Security and Medicare taxes.  That answers how they came up with that number.
I guess that settles that.
Well, thirty dollars less to the Church, I guess…  I may redistribute it amongst offerings.  Hm.
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