May 28, Wednesday

I went to Provo yesterday.  I needed to check the distance between the bus stop and my future classroom to see if I would be able to make it by bus.  I found out that the time I’d been told was wrong anyway; the class was scheduled from eight to nine fifty instead of just eight to nine (I still have to call that Agnes Welch today to double-check — she was absent).  Now I have to reconcile my morning class, Nutrition, at LDSBC.  At BYU I attended a very nice devotional; I paid the 30-dollar application fee; I bought a Korean and a Mongolian book; and I made an appointment for a campus tour in 9 days.  I went back to LDSBC after that and requested Registration Alex to mail BYU my transcript to complete the application process for being a visiting student.
One of the tough kids at work almost suicided yesterday.  It has become their habit to loiter at the little clock tower and not begin to cross the street until several seconds after the light turns, which frustrates traffic.  This time (excepting three or four who crossed timely) they were all just too slow, so I went back and prevented them from starting a-cross.  This one kid didn’t want to be stopped, so he ran out into the road right as a car was left-turning across our walk.  There was little danger as the car wasn’t going fast, and it stopped easily, but I hope those kids got spooked by it.  They’ll have no good thing in their lives if they continue following the spirit of rebellion.  I notice already at that young age a profound difference between the member kids and the non-member kids: the non-members have no recognizable conscience; they seem to intuitively desire to choose the wrong instead of the right, while the others are trying to be "good" kids.  (Of course I exclude from this generalization those few non-members with responsible parents.)  This doomed inheritance is the only thing some parents pass on to their children, rather than worldly or spiritual wealth.  May God bless his angels in the next world to succeed in reaching the hearts that in this world were unreachable from the beginning.
I talked with BC Alex all last night.  I guess she’s a bright girl…
Court is tomorrow.
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