June 25, Wednesday

School started at LDSBC on the 9th and at BYU on the 23rd.  I believe BYU’s spring term ended on the 20th.
My classes are not too bad.  I have the same art history teacher, Brother Gough, whose class I dropped many semesters ago, and I’ve gained a new respect for him.  I asked him once after class about how he reconciled Biblical history with academic history; he first said that men use an imperfect system, then mentioned that dates of artifacts were under heavy debate, and concluded with the suggestion of a recreated planet.  I have a serious disagreement with him about his justification of clotheslessness in art, though.  He gave this lesson on it two classes ago, and all the students seem to have walked away feeling enlightened; the problem was, his logic was disconnected.  He at one time seemed to differentiate between the crass and the cultural by saying that the former was what was done in bars, while the latter was the thing showing from the slide projector — in other words, historical obscenity is art, while modern obscenity is obscenity.  He also explained that classical 5th-century Greek sculpture had the purpose and effect of idealizing man’s state and pointing him toward godliness, which made it all acceptable; but then right in today’s class, he dealt with 4th-century Greek art which, as he explained, re-humanizes its sculptures.
Anyway, he doesn’t understand youthful minds very well, nor does he consider Kant’s universality, which instanstly breaks his defense of his trade.
Besides that, he seems a very thoughtful, learned, rational, and faithful man, a teacher whose intellect I can respect.
I have my same drawing teacher, Sister Buckmiller.  She seems quite a bit calmer now, and we get along.  That class is going well.  I also am taking a personal finance class that I’ve already taken, but with a different teacher, Brother Ethington, a good soul.  Last of all, I have another English 101 class, again with a new teacher, Sister Jeys, also an intelligent and very kind woman.
My BYU class, Cantonese, is taught by Ma Ching Yin (Jihng6 Yihn4?), the daughter of a family Elder Pepper and I visited a few times in Tsim Sha Tsui.  There are two others in the class: Stewart Dong and Jake… something from Manchester/Canada.  It’s been fun busing down there every morning… I have to leave by six fifteen by bus, or else drive to the train stop by six thirty-nine.
I said goodbye to my friend on… Monday or Tuesday…
What more can I say about her…
I guess she’s become my fifth… retroactively…  I gave her goodness, finally… and it’s time to… leave her to her decisions…
Well, everything else is going wonderfully.  I know what I need to do… and what I don’t need to do: languish any longer in the idolatry of love or the blindness of self-interest.
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