June 28, Saturday

That quarter was on my car seat.

Today I drove to Provo again; it took 30 minutes to get from here to that freeway exit, then another 10 to get to the MTC.  I went in for the Cantonese language practice (the Teaching Resource Center, TRC), which had been suggested by our teacher.  The other two students also went, along with ex-missionary Julie Goodworth, two other white guys, and some Hong Kong girl.  My missionaries the first hour were Elders Bagley ("Bat1") and Johnson ("Jang1"); I think they were the old group.  The second hour was the new group, and my missionaries were Elders Nelson ("Ng5", Tennessee), Dahl ("Dai1", Utah), and a "Leih4" from Hawaii.

It was interesting to overhear some of the Cantonese teachers speaking Cantonese, these two local sisters.  They seemed much less fluent than my own MTC teachers in my memory, but in reality there’s probably not such a difference…  The teaching sessions are recorded and played in another room for teacher feedback.  At first I was worried I would say something wrong, but after hearing those sisters, I wasn’t sure they would even notice if I had.

The first session was pleasant enough — you feel like their teacher when they’re using the language — but the second session was especially touching, since that group for the second half of their hour taught in English.  They did wonderfully; I was convinced.

After that TRC, I drove back to the 39th South train stop in Salt Lake and then trained downtown for an art excursion.  There was a festival at the library, but that cost ten dollars.  Instead I went to Temple Square and the museum there.  I was taking pictures of artistic works for my art history class.  I stopped by the school hoping to work on my English class essay, but no computer room was open, so I made my way back to the train and home.


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