July 20, Sunday – Golden Dragon

Well, I’d better write something.
I went yesterday to eat lunch at Golden Dragon on 1500 South, Main Street.  (I haven’t seen so many Chinese at a restaurant since Vancouver…)  I think my Cantonese teacher, Ma Ching Yin, was already going with her friends, and she invited us four class members (Stewart Dong, Jake Robinson, me, and "Philip" Chiu Sek Man) to tag along for "extra credit".  Philip brought two Singaporean friends (Corbin and Daniel), and there were 10 Hong Kong kids for a total of 16 of us.  I saw some people I used to know: "Ben" Si Ying from Yuen Long, Alice Wong from LDSBC, and old Yau Yau from Kwun Tong.  Marcus Chan was also there, as well as Wallace Chan (our teacher’s beau) and a kid named Preston.  Oh… Grace Yuen’s brother Jonathan was there too.
Two tables down, I saw Mantee Wong and his wife from the Chinese ward here, along with his wife’s family.  I forget their names.  Probably Chan.
I want to write more, like I used to… but… nothing to write…
In the end, I’m happy to be alive.  It’s kind of frustrating that I have to keep re-setting my life; it won’t just stay where it’s supposed to.  But I’m still alive, and I await each day with the hope that our Creator will breathe new strength into me.  26 years are gone (maybe 20 livable)… but there’s so much I can still do.
I advise any reading this to believe in the goodness of God.  Remember what good things have come into your life.  Consider also the tremendous darkness in the world, and the confusion of mankind, how men must guess about everything they claim to know.  Have hope that there is an unquestionable source of truth that can straighten any crooked path; and believe that God has set his servants here to guide us to that source.  These servants are his holy prophets, and their very existence shows that God still loves this world.  Visit here:  www.mormon.org
I have hope for myself – and if I can have hope, so can anybody.
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