July 30, Wednesday

I’d started to think BYU was an expired lover…  On Tuesday morning, the campus was missing something… some kind of a rose-coloured glow.  I thought it just didn’t look beautiful to me any more.
Last night was the computerised Chinese bypass test.  It was pure enjoyment; nothing like I’d expected from the teacher’s comments.  We were allotted 3 hours, but I was on my way out after about…. an hour and ten minutes.  Of course, I’d parked off-campus.
Mandarin and Cantonese are the same test, only with different readings for the listening sections.  You can also choose between traditional and lobotomized characters for the syntax, recognition, and translation sections.  There were about 300 "questions", or items.  The listening parts were one question each.  A sentence was read, then you selected one out of four pictures that was best described by the sentence.  The translation part required you to type a word in English.  The sentence composition part counted one "question" for each of the items arranged in the sentence.
Well, it was all fairly basic.  There were a few I didn’t know.
So, that was a good experience.
Then this morning after class… as I headed out on my way to the bus… I was struck again by that BYU atmosphere… that glow.  It was bright outside, and all the students were going to and fro between classes.
And it was perfectly… still.
All this motion, but no sounds.  This was a peace you didn’t just stumble across.
I stopped and watched, then walked again… then sat down and watched… then walked again… then finally stopped and turned around and watched again.
Those students… were prisms in that sunlight…
I bowed in conciliation, then set my back to it.
Well, I’d already postulated a solution: pay that exact 30 dollars less in tithing.  I suppose God wants the heart, not the money — rather, the heart despite the money.  He has both, anyway.  So God’s arm can reach past man’s, and make up for his shortness.  It’s a good answer for their injustice, and any other true injustice they may heap on me; and their just price, I’ve already demonstrated that I’ll pay.  So I can forgive them totally.
What a beautiful morning.  I’m thankful my eyes could still recognize beauty.
The rest of the day was excellent, as my other clouds were parted — an answer to my pleading.
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One Response to July 30, Wednesday

  1. Donkey L says:

    Haha, your Chinese and Cantonese test is very much my English test in high school.

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