August 03, Sunday – End This War(d)

I believe it’s been two weeks that I’ve missed going.  Today I walked over to church; something in my leg hurt.  In one of the rooms there I saw my cousin Monica and her baby Thomas.  She asked me how I felt about the new ward…
I was clueless.  It turns out that my ward had been dissolved right under my nose… that is, the ward I was a part of. Within these three weeks, all single members from 21 (18) to perhaps 30 had been auctioned off to the stake’s new "singles ward", the 18th ward.  I asked Monica where it was, and she said some "Highland" building in Canyon Rim.  I lamented that the days of walking to church were over…  We also discussed how we both didn’t like the atmosphere of singles wards.  She suggested that maybe this one would be different because it was new, and we brought up that there is occasionally some hidden inspiration in these incomprehensible changes.
She also informed me that I’d been released from my teaching calling…  Ha ha.  Lucky I ran into her, or I’d have been fretting again about a lesson next Sunday morning.
Well, as far as I know, I’ve fulfilled this calling.  I’ve taught nearly a dozen lessons, I think.  I tried to teach well.  I’m grateful I had that chance.
After that news from Monica, my mind jumped back to the meeting Stake President Ostler had with all young members some months ago, encouraging them to go to their local wards here.  As well, Bishop Swallow has for this year been re-arranging classes; with ours, he just put us new teachers in.
We could all see the goodness of both of those ideas.  I personally owe a lot to those decisions, which have put my life on a slightly different path.  But I guess revelation has now trumped revelation…
I wandered around church after that, going down to the empty classroom and back up.  I wondered what was taking everybody so long to get to class.  Then as I went over into the chapel, and saw it nearly vacated… it struck me: everybody was gone.  There WAS no class.  The change had already happened.  They were all over at that new ward, wherever it was…
I considered going to one of the older adult classes, like I used to long ago… but I wasn’t sure I’d be welcome there anymore…
No more calling.  I guess it’s back to drifting…  I really don’t like singles wards.
"So you’ll disobey God over that dislike?"

Well, singles wards are already disobedience.  Nowhere have I seen such worldliness in church worship as among those college kids.  It’s a terribly unnatural setting, too.  They have no refining influence of aged members, no angelic reminders of infant patrons… no family pattern whatsoever placed before their eyes.  All they have is… singleness.  Halfness.  Unfulfillment.  Longing.  Pursuit.  Attraction.  Superficiality.  Ego.  Immaturity.  And a bunch of lame activities for people unable to exist with only themselves.  It’s a great big collection of distractions from God and godliness.

And I don’t especially get along with people I don’t especially respect…
…Anyway… I’d found out that my ward was gone.
…Having nothing else to do, I walked back home.

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