August 07, Thursday – Resolutions

Hm, I’m running out of time to lay down this pettiness…
Today I got several results.
On the Chinese test, four classes were represented: 101, 102, 201, and 211.  In order, I was given an A, A-, A, and A.  I find that kind of funny, that they decided I did poorly on the easy first year material but well on the second year…  The first three classes are 4 credits and the last 2, for a total of 14.  I don’t know exactly what good they will do me now, having become unsure on whether I will still plan to go to BYU.
Down at BYU, I also paid thirty big ones to their parking police.  I discovered it was a branch of the state police or something.  It may not even be BYU getting that money.  Well, that’s their decision to hire those people; I’ll still recover the tithing.  I guess BYU’s the only school I actually am willing to get an unjust ticket at, now…
We finished everything in art class today, drawing class.  I think I got an A grade, although I was hurt by two late assignments which were each demoted ten percent.  I should like to show my pictures and things on this page later.  Then we took our last test in personal finance class.  That has been a very easy class.  I missed one of the 25 questions, and the teacher unexpectedly came to me and said he would give me credit for that question because it was "unclear" (this was because I had once alerted him to a calculation error in one of his files, and I had commented with another student that a quiz question was strangely worded; and lastly, because I had completed everything very early in that class with very few errors).  In fact, that wrong answer was the fault of me not thinking very hard.  Because he gives some extra points, I expect to surpass 100% in his grading system, which certainly helps my confidence, although this class was extremely lax.  Those are the grades I’ve always been supposed to be getting.
I may have some trouble in my art history class because there are only three major items to be graded on (two tests and one project), and one of them I was unable to turn in when it was required.  Anyway, I’ve spent more concentration in that class than in any other.  And last is my English 101 class.  I have to finish an essay by… Tuesday or something… and after that, I think I will get an A in that class.
Yesterday, I paid out just over 442 dollars for insurance (210) and my old Salt Lake speeding ticket (232).  I still have 20 hours of service to do.  (I found out that I could just pay the 200 other dollars if that was necessary.  At this point, I could afford it.)
Ah… lastly… I think it was Monday that I went and turned in my old airport badge after getting an amusingly threatening letter in the mail to that intent.
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