Disrespecting the Chinese

O.k., this is the last straw.  I just read this on a Yahoo article about getting people to say "Beijing" correctly (which happens to have been a personal cause of mine for a long time now):

"Mispronunciations are misinformation. The casual attitude of the networks towards this matter is, at best, negligent and, at worst, bordering on disrespect for China and the Chinese."

You know what?  Screw the Chinese.
Do you know how many times I’ve heard these weird demands for respect for China?
Well, forget you, China.  You may have raped Mongolia and Tibet (and as far as I know, you’ll burn in hell for it), but you’re not our overlords, and "kowtow" isn’t in our language.  You’ll get respect just like everybody else in this world: by earning it, by being respectable, not narcissistic, hypocritical, dishonest, whiny, spoilt little children.
Oh, boo hoo… do you need to "save face" in your culture?  Well so does EVERY OTHER CULTURE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, you idiots.  Everybody wants respect.  The fact that you Chinese have multiplied like ants doesn’t mean you deserve an ounce more respect than anybody else.  Why don’t you uphold the people’s welfare in your colonies?  Why don’t you bring back your pure written language?  Why don’t you stop forcing your people to worship your false gods?  Why don’t you stop befriending dictators who, like you, abuse their people and their neighbours?  Be upright for a change, and who knows… people might sincerely respect you.
Ah, I’m so tired of China’s arrogance.  More than that, I’m tired of the weak leaders of weak nations and weak organisations who capitulate to China’s every whim out of fear.
We could take you, China.  Why?  Because you have a billion fault lines running up and down yourself, and you’re all windows.  You’re not one mind.  Your feet are part clay; one very wrong step, and you’re likely to fall to pieces.  But that’s what you get when you overthrow your neighbours and create an empire, and govern it despotically.
I wonder if I’ll see a new China in my lifetime…
Why and for how long God is sparing you, I’m not sure.  I imagine there are some truly respectable Chinese who are attracting divine forbearance.  I can probably assume that your upper tier of politically correct society is as nonrepresentative of your intelligent segment as our media are of us.
Well, shame on you countries who alter your policies out of cowardly "respect for China".  Your freedom is for nothing, and you deserve to lose it till such time as you learn how to stand up for yourselves.
And shame on you, China, not honour.  How did the old man put it in Far and Away?  "[China], you sinner!  Between your lungs there’s neither heart nor spirit, but the lump of your own swallowed money bag!"
And surely… the Chinese are a "blight on the countries that never belonged to them".
…With that said…
…It’s "Bei-jing", with a hard J, everybody.  Not "Bei-zhing".  Get it right.  And let’s start getting our other borrowed words right too, while we’re at it.  We’d hate to border on disrespect for the French.
Rather, we disrespect ourselves when we pronounce things as if we never learnt to read.
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