Facebook: Showing us How to “Kowtow”

In an extraordinary coincidence, I found out after that last entry that the Facebook Schutzstaffel had broken into my account there and torn down my profile picture, apparently the result of a double-crossing fellow Scramble player’s accusal.  It had mostly been quietly accepted in Scramble, with a few vocal, feminine exceptions on Friday who got spooked by it.  The term "the weaker gender" must apply to more attributes than just the physique…  It had sparked also some political and historical banter among some of the stronger-minded men.
Here’s the picture.  I made it… on Friday, August 8th, at, you guessed it — 8 p.m., roughly.  I wonder what possibly could’ve inspired that.
It goes pretty Van-Goghishly with this green background, I admit.
Anyway, mark your reaction.  Are you scared?  Superstitious?  Think evil’s about to befall you?  Think I’m out to kill someone?
That’s your animal side, friend.  Switch that off and look at it again with your human side.  What do you see?
In my opinion, it’s a whirlpool.  Maybe a tornado.  Possibly even the spinning skyscape.
Or, if you’re NOT American, or perhaps European, you probably didn’t think anything of it.  Why?
Because this is one of the most universal cultural symbols on this little world.  It’s been used for luck by countless heroes and villains through the ages, spanning the continents.  Take a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
But… not here — not in America.  In America, we have superstitions protecting us from learning anything dangerous.  Things are magical to us, and this symbol is bad magic.  Or anyway, a grandma in Delaware or a California feminist might have this on the list of things they hate, so we’ll outlaw it for their sakes, and tear it down from Facebook pages.
Oh, but Steve, aren’t you advocating the destruction of Jews?  You’re clearly an anti-Semite, if you use this symbol.
On the contrary.  If anything, I’m anti-Christian (those who abuse the Bible), even though I vote with them because I’m anti-atheist (those who enslave the spirit of man).  But to the point, I’m anti-fascist, and I used this picture as a signal to any who sympathize with the Holocaustees.
What signal, Steve?  White power?
No; whites are losing their power.  More like brown power, or whatever colour Tibetans are.  You may notice the dates on my picture: the years of two infamous Olympic games, the one in Nazi Berlin, the other in Commie Bei Jing, and both of them hailed by the appeasement-minded international community as pathways to peace.
The signal is, we can be smarter this time round, and save people before the genocide.
Steve, you’re a little late.  Genocide’s been going on for decades; we haven’t even intervened in the last few.
Then maybe we need another George Bush, don’t we — a more policing America, and less of these self-loving isolationist Democrats who have the same arrogance we hate in the Chinese: "AMERICAN lives are worth more than any other lives; even American dollars are worth more than foreign lives; we won’t waste our money or challenge our economy by saving the helpless."
Well, you’re on your way to the same sheol as the Communists, with that attitude, Democrats…
Anyway.  Facebook, it seems, is not the place for politics — unless they’re pro-Obama.  Remember, he’s a super-star, not a politician.
Hold on, Steve.  Weren’t you considering voting Obama?
Ah, right you are.  …Up till the day when he promised me exactly what I wanted to hear on my major issue… contradicting what he’s promised his own party, and what he’s been supporting.  It wasn’t the last time, either.  Obama’s a serpent-tongued liar.  An "actor", maybe, on his way to Hollywood after this campaign (may God speed him there).
Well, if God punishes us with a demagogue, I guess we’ll have it coming…
Anyhow, you might also have recognised something else about my picture.  Guess whose flag that is.
How about a hint, Steve?
O.k…. the flag of the native country of the girlfriend of the creator of Facebook.  The flag of the country the language of which Facebook is now preparing itself in, to expand its market by double.
Hm, funny.  I’d almost guess it wasn’t an outraged, uneducated liberal girl reporting my "offensive" picture, but some angry Chinese… who thought I was "disrespecting China".  Ha ha…
We can’t disrespect the Chinese, now can we, Facebook?
Weak.  Anyway, I’m done hanging around that place.  I’ll miss Scramble.
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