Prohibited Uses: You Will Not Degrade Anybody for Any Reason

I re-posted that picture two times on Facebook, first explaining and then defending it, and two times it was deleted again (those lurkers come online between about 2:30 and 3:30 every day, by the way).
My final comments, posted with the picture:
Faceless Facebook goons: Stop censoring this artwork.  You lose credibility.  This picture is a symbolic representation of how society appeases aggressive nations in the hope of peace.  If anything, it’s a vindication of the marginalized, not an attack.  You fail to show how this violates your terms of service, and you’re abusing your power.  Hateful and damaging acts may be outlawed, but the swastika is not an illegal symbol in any intelligent jurisdiction, being as it is a universal sign of luck. (go here –
For the last time, stop and think before dropping that guillotine of yours.
…Or, what, are free Obama buttons the only politics allowed?  Stop suppressing free thought.
At the VERY least, stop with the lame threat of "suspending" accounts.  Why don’t you people add a delete feature?  You know, I already tried and failed to delete this account last year.  What legitimate reason could you guys possibly have for disallowing deletions?
Seriously, I see pictures all the time here that "offend" me.  Do I go crying to you guys to remove them?  Well, who knows… if I had your power, I might be tempted to abuse it like you do, silence all dissenters.  It’s unjustifiable, what you do.  What’s next?  I put up a picture of a cross and atheists are psychically injured by it, so you guys remove it?  I draw a picture of Mohammed and the mobs clamour for my death, so you take out a hit on it, threaten to suspend me?  I put up a picture of a cat, or a rock, or car, and somebody gets offended, so you guys tear it down?  You’re insane…  You can’t abuse somebody just because their unenlightened, superstitious neighbour condemns them.  Tell me whose rights I’ve trampled with this exposition.  This isn’t "Planet of the Apes"; we’re not supposed to hide from truth, and history.
Anyway, remove it if you want; I won’t add it back.  I’m just about done with this website, after seeing this kind of narrow-minded paranoia.  I consider you all a pack of uneducated, uncivilized, unjust savages.  Nice job weeding out people who think differently.  Thanks for keeping Hitler’s dream alive.
So, yes, it was deleted a third time.  Maybe they read my comment, maybe not.  Either way, it’s disgusting for them to persecute and injure people just because nobody can stop them.  This was their practice with power, and they handled their stewardship poorly.  They assuredly won’t have it in the next world.
So I deactivated my account.  This was the second time.  This time, I seem to have nothing to go back for.
My explanation for deactivation:
The Facebook drones have shown extreme disrespect by continually deleting my enlightening artwork because it challenged the egotism of the arrogant and was misunderstood by the ignorant, and because somebody among them complained. Facebook should learn how to protect rights instead of bulldozing them. Facebook is clearly not interested in the welfare of humanity, only in their idol gods of dollars and cents. Whoever reads this, reconsider whether you want to take part in this inhuman cause of your employers.
Well, Merideth Marshall already blazed this trail.  She told me some months ago that she didn’t use Facebook anymore.  Of course I’d considered that it might be a corrupting influence, but instead I focused on the potential "good" I might do with it, being able to communicate ideas to people.  But, I think she was right.  I don’t think an enlightened person would use Facebook.
Anyway, before I left, I posted this hastily drawn thing, with this caption:
Oh brother.  My browser’s not letting me load it…  I’m infected…
[There, I edited it in.]
Hm.  The caption was something like, "Lucky for them, they have the freedom to hold such points of view in this land of liberty."
Come to find out Windows Live Spaces has a very similar policy, which could also be construed to disallow my pictures (see this entry’s title).
Ridiculous, small-minded people.  ANYTHING could be taken as "hateful".  In fact, half of what people post here is "hateful" in some way or another.  And why do these websites think they can outlaw hatred?  Can they outlaw love?  Happiness?  Fear?  Suspicion?  Regret?  Any other feeling?
No.  Then why try to outlaw this one?
They’re all lunatics, that’s why.  Kids who had evil parents and insane university professors that taught them how to not think straight, how to be two-faced, how to preach one thing but live another thing, and how to punish people the instant they gained any power at all.
Anyway, I guess anybody who reads this could send in their complaint about anything I write, and have me whisked away to the virtual concentration camp.  There’s no standard; whatever seems to "degrade" anybody at all, in any way, can be judged illegal, and I can be lynched for it.  It’s the ultimate scare tactic.  It’s horrifying how they legitimize tyranny like this.  Doesn’t anybody care about "right" and "wrong" anymore?  All we know how to do now is enforce conformity.  We’ve become a machine…  The Borg…
Uh, anyway, I was thinking yesterday about this weird, brief, inconsequential little campaign I’ve been forced into, and how I, a lover of China, have become so opposed to China.  It’s strange that that should have happened.  I figure it’s the same thing as me being patriotic towards the real America, but totally against everything that’s now called "American"…  Like, I believe in Christianity, but I hate the Chistianity around me, which I think is an outright insult to true Christianity.
But, anyway, about China, this antagonism reminded me of something yesterday.
…It reminded me of our liberals here who hate George Bush.
The intensity of their bitterness… it’s hard to comprehend.  It consumes them.  They have nothing left anymore, just hatred.  Everything they look at is red because of the blood in their eyes.  The worst part is, they have no idea what they’re talking about; they’ve been sold on faulty arguments.  But even if their hatred were justified, it would still make monsters out of them…  How is it worth it, to lose yourself?
…And that’s what I’m starting to look like…
Well, Tibet, I may be wrong — for all I know, it may not be God’s will to give you your freedom — but for all I think I know, it’s right, so I’m still on your side.
…But I can’t rage against China…  I’m not a hater.  And I’m not even one of these people who condemn "haters", but still have their secret enemy hidden somewhere, still have something they war against.
Me, I can’t war against things.
The closest I come to having a grudge…
…I saw her last week.  Part of me wanted to care, and part of me reminded the other part that I didn’t care anymore.  Time has done my heart good.
She offered back my English book that I’d left with her.  I insisted that she just keep it, since she was going to take that class, and I had only asked for it back by e-mail because I thought I might be able to use it in the summer term.
Anyway, otherwise…?  No, I can’t live as an activist.  If the pricks jab at me, I’ll kick against them… but I won’t be a crusader, not with vengeance.
What’s GOOD about China?
Obviously, their language.  It’s the only reason I even wanted to learn Korean, at first — because it was part Chinese.
It’s really an amazing language, the depth and the reach of it, and the consistency of it.  Although I still prefer Cantonese, of course.  Learning multiple Chineses or Chinese-influenced languages is the only way to get a grasp of it, in the same way that reading multiple authors broadens your English in a way reading a single author couldn’t possibly.
What else is good about China?
Well, anybody who’s seen pictures of the landscape has had their breath taken away…
And many other lands possess such beauty, it’s true.  All of them, perhaps.  The more of them you can appreciate, the better…
What else…
The food — oh, goodness.  It’s not Korean, but, my, is it filling.  I stopped by old Hunan Garden the other day, back when my car was alive.  I was so hungry, as usual… and they graciously shared their lunch with me, some soup and dumplings.  Delicious…
And that’s another good thing about Chinese: they’re as hospitable as anybody in America.  They’re gracious.  China has sincere, traditional, earthy people who value common sense and right philosophy.  The Chinese girls I’ve met online are "backwards" enough that they still think girls should be intelligent and cultured — nothing like these wild donkeys we call modern girls.
Anyway…  I wish the venomous liberals could see the good in George Bush.
…So I’ll try to see the good in those I’ve considered my "enemies"… whom I once called… my people.
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