Stand a Little Taller

Yuck.  Here we go again…
Can’t you Chinese just straighten out?
A quote I just read about the underage gymnasts:
At the end of last year the Chinese government’s own official news agency, Xinhua, reported that He Kexin was 13, identifying her as one of the sport’s upcoming stars. And He looks even older than Yang Yilin, the other medal winner in question.
But they have passports, and they have identity cards. To rule against them would be akin to charging the host country with forgery and fraud, something that’s not about to happen during these games.
"The Chinese government and the Chinese athletes must be respected," China coach Lu Shanzan warned.
O.k….  Yes, I can’t stand these demands, these "warnings"… but I’ll try hard here not to go anti-China again…
I won’t say what everybody’s thinking; I won’t call the Chinese Olympians dirty liars who rewrite any rules they don’t want to follow, who are unable to conceptualize the difficult concept of "fair play", or who can’t win except by cheating and threatening.  Not directly, anyway.
But, China… Chinese government, and Chinese athletes and coaches…
…You’re wrong, and you should apologize, and change your ways.
Don’t you dare demand respect with an issue where nobody has done any wrong but yourself.
If you disagree with an Olympic rule, you have a legitimate way to try to change it.  That way does NOT include breaking the rule, creating fake documents to cover up for it, lying about it, and then "demanding respect" when people queston you about it.
China, if you want to respect yourself, you’ll repent.  A proud nation cannot stand, and a nation that first prospers by deception will at last crumble by deception.  All nations must learn this.  You can learn it the hard way, China, or the easy way.  God will surely judge you, the same God you’ve outlawed.
…Not from this underage question, no.  This is a small offense.  God judges a nation not for questions of gold or silver medals, but for questions of life or death of the people within its grip.  Search your hearts, China, and see if you can stand blameless before all-seeng heaven.
"What about America?!"
Yeah, what about them?  What if America crumbles right along with you?  You’ll still be dust, and so will they.  Blaming them won’t help you.
Yes, I say it out of love.
Lovely, beautiful, dear China.  You should be "dear", and you would be, if only you were true to your own hearts, and didn’t keep wallowing in dark deeds, and burying your crimes, small and great.  Just because the government-controlled news media say something doesn’t make it true.
No respect for the undeserving.
Respect, anyway… who needs it?  Only the weak man, the empty man, who has no God smiling down upon him and neither has any self-respect.  The respect of the world has never saved anybody’s soul.
Ah, repent…  All of us…  Serve God.
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