Beautiful, Independent-voting Nichole Long from my summer drawing class sat by me for the school devotional today.  The speaker, our president, mentioned dating at one point, and I was tempted to ask Nichole out on the spot; but I resisted the uninvited thought, and it fled.
After work I hurried to the credit union before it closed so I could cash a cheque from my mother, then rode all the way back down to school to buy my last text book (provided the music teacher doesn’t demand one on Thursday) and maybe get in some studying.  Instead of studying, I ran into (Ukrainian-)Russian Elena who was on her way for some piano practice.  (I’d seen her earlier: after the devotional, she’d warned me to go scavenge the last of the Institute office brownies, then we sat and munched on vegetables for a minute or two.)  We both played the piano a little, she much more skillfully.  We stayed a while for the scripture class that started in that room, then she left to meet her friend and I went home.
Our "long talk" in the library some days ago had in fact been about her former boyfriend, among other things.  Her pianoing tonight really made me dizzy…  She was a Temple Square sister…
I’ll try to leave it at good friends, though…
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