Points Along a Slope

Russo-Ukrainian Elena talked to me again yesterday.  She gave me some piano music and showed me a few pictures of her self and family.
I got my second tuberculosis test, and I tried to go over to the nursing home where I’ve been placed by the volunteer boss.  They had just closed.  I plan to go there today, and hopefully get to school to do some work.  If not, I might go after work this week…  I need 20 hours before Halloween.
At night, I went to a Gershwin show at the Assembly Hall by BYU’s Hancock family, fulfilling a music class assignment.
I was unhappy on Thursday because of disillusionment with my teachers and schoolmates…  That night, I had a good discussion with my mom, who helped me to re-commit to the work.
Oh… I saw Tugsuu on…. Thursday, I think.  She was busy talking to another.  Later on Thursday, Ji-young, Eunhee’s old friend, found me at work (her restaurant is nearby) and asked if I wanted to teach English in Changwon, near Pusan.  Her sister knew a school there that apparently was looking for somebody.  I told her I did, but I was studying this semester… and anyway, after this, I’ll only have a two-year degree, not yet four.
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