On Friday, Elena re-sent me an e-mail that she’d tried to send last Sunday, an attached "e-book".  She’d gotten an erroneous e-mail address.  Finding myself unoccupied for a time on Friday evening, I wrote her a longer letter back wishing her well and briefly asking about her weekly schedule…  Late Saturday night, she responded with an even longer letter, very polite, and an attachment of her schedule… 😮
…I was first delighted, but then became frightened by her seeming receptiveness…  I feel completely unready for another Eunhee situation — a girl prepared and perhaps anxious to enter the next phase of life.  Above all, I know how easy it is for me to like people if I’m not careful, and I refuse to feel any more regrets over hasty relationships…
Well, if the homosexual can control and choose their love, then so can I.  It’s friends, friends.  My wish after these students and teachers was to meet a truly intelligent peer, and I’ll consider her the one.  Still, I mentioned her to my mom today, making the passing suggestion of having another guest to Manila this November.
It’s much easier to turn away from a largely incompatible match than from a mostly compatible one.  On that line… I had a long voice chat last night with a Chinese girl I’d met online a week or so ago.  Friends too — what’s the point of shooting at the animal you don’t intend to eat?
A word on politics.  Maybe I just didn’t realize it the last two times, but this election, the blue media’s really turning the heat on the Republicans.  Every day, I see a new article raising empty suspicions on McCain and Palin, implying them guilty of this or that, portraying their party as fractured, enlarging every hint of controversy, choosing every unflattering description — and then every week or so, I finally see a lone critical article mercifully chastising Biden or somebody on some negligent point.  Like I say, maybe I just didn’t notice it before, but it’s troubling how blatant these opinion-crafters are in their bias.  But it’s good to see how scared the left must be of failure for them to be exerting such focused opposition.  I know my vote is already worth more than all their concocted reports…
Someday, anyway, I hope we’ll at least have a fair news outlet…
If only the red voters will turn out to sweep away the institutional and monetary advantage of their would-be oppressors, people who would enslave the masses with their own naive "hope" — and if only our representatives will keep their hands clean, so the distorted shadow of the lesser evil won’t obscure the greater.  But then, those who prepare themselves for the integrity that would ennoble politics are a very different breed from those who make themselves attractive to the crowd — and we have no "litmus test" for purity of heart.  So men like Romney, furthest beyond the reach of the trolls of scandal and corruption, don’t win popular majorities: their very idealism seems hypocrisy to the unclean minds of a perverse generation, alienating them from those entertainment consumers that swarm like flies to sickly sweet promises.  Democracy works best with angels; men will eventually govern themselves to ruin.  A boy won’t discipline himself; likewise, a society won’t choose its own difficult best interest.
A Republic was always better, because there are such things in this world as stupid and smart, wrong and right, and not all opinions have equal effect.  Continual education is the enemy of "opinion" — how awful if we were all stuck with our first opinions — but "education" too comes in many contradicting editions.  Who can be trusted to select wise representatives?  Certainly not the people, who vote on whims and misinformation.
There’s only one body that can be trusted to withstand the generational erosion of common sense, and that body will necessarily seem very backwards to our modern thinking solely because it HAS outlasted society’s fads.
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