Pack of Mints

Today and yesterday I made better friends with Elena.  Yesterday she gave me a ticket for a music thing on Friday.  I also talked with Tugsuu yesterday.
I missed the bus from school to work today (I think it was early), then switched routes instead of waiting for the next one (by chance meeting the two Hong Kong students from our school on the train), and made it at last after a lot of running to cross a final batch of kids and some adult wanderers.  I stayed a few more minutes, got a free receipt sandwich from Arby’s, then visited Korea House before catching the bus back to school.  Ji-young’s pretty older sister repeated that teaching offer, specifying the requirement of an Associate’s degree.  I in turn repeated that I was studying this semester until December, adding that they should keep my number in case of a future need.
After school, Monde and old Rheka saw me in the library.  I offered to travel home with Monde.  She said she’d be leaving in an hour (at 6:30) after studying over at BYU Salt Lake.  I asked her to come get me or else meet me downstairs, but she opted to notify me by e-mail instead, asking for my address.  At 6:32 or so, I figured she’d forgotten, so I went down to try to catch her.  She wasn’t there.  I decided that she’d left and I started for the train.
Just then, I spotted some mints there on the ground.  Actually, it was a pack of those dissolving tongue strips that said "pain reliever" on it.  Not wanting any, I picked it up and brought it back in to the vacant information desk (our ‘lost and found’), putting it behind the phone.  Back outside, I was about halfway to the platform when I saw the train leave.  I could barely make out its destination: Sandy, the one I needed.  (There are two lines.)
Noticing at once the co-incidence of salvaging those mints and missing the train, I started imagining that there must be some useful reason that I was supposed to miss that train.  I first assumed it was to meet one of my lady schoolmates on her way to catch the next train.  That didn’t happen…  There was one non-local or something who came up to me and asked how to get to Gateway Mall, but that was it.  So I figured I would probably meet or interact with somebody on the train…  That also didn’t happen.  Next, I thought maybe it would be on the bus.  I did read some scriptures, but who ever knows about that…
The only thing that really happened was that at the stop right before mine, the driver pulled over and waited for his schedule, and I took the opportunity to get out and walk (since my habit is to avoid multiplying stops).  As I got closer, I saw that my usual stop was obstructed by about three cars carelessly parked there.  I wondered momentarily if that were my reason, saving the busman the trouble of stopping there, but it wouldn’t’ve been that, because if I hadn’t been on that bus the conflict wouldn’t have come up anyway.
Finally, walking past the duplex across from us, I saw the lady who lived there come round the corner (I’d greeted them once before with no response).  I waved, and she called out a question about my job.  I went to her and told her about it; she was interested in doing the job too, having just lost hers.  She had seen me around.  Anyway, I told her where to go to apply, she said she would tomorrow, and then we parted.  I figured that must’ve been the reason, although it had that second complexity of being dependent on me getting off unexpectedly at the previous stop.
…She probably won’t want a part-time job anway, and they might not need her, as I suggested to her.  I should’ve also warned her that it was only two hours a day…
I guess it could’ve been just a random pack of numbing mouth strips, after all…
I saw just now that instead of the Hotmail account I wrote down for her, Monde had mailed my Yahoo one of the same name, telling me to come down and meet her.  The time of her e-mail: 6:40.
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