One Nation, Divisible

Didn’t see the E yesterday.  Instead, I hung out a bit with a classmate, Amanda.  Very different from me.
Today I’ve been reading some Anti-Palin comments.  What a disappointment it is…  While they all came from the same states and urban centres, it still depresses you to imagine that they’re somehow representative of Americans.  Their words ooze with hatred and prejudice, the kind of prejudice so impenetrable that only a displeased God could shake it out of you at some future judgment day, when all the lies you believed, voted for, crusaded over, and wasted your life on would finally be undeniably disproven before your very eyes.
What lies?
Such lies as that "George Bush lacks intelligence", when the man’s reforms have been broader than any president in my lifetime.  In fact, I’ve finally after 8 years found an opportunity to disagree with him: his support of the banking "bail-out".  But, I could be wrong there…  Hindsight will show it.
I can only conclude that the people hate themselves.  None of them are any smarter than Sarah Palin; but because she commits the unforgiveable sin of stumbling in speech (as all her opponents have also done, behind closed YouTube videos), the liberals line up like a firing squad.  I do believe in a republicanism where a representative ought to be educated beyond the angry, confused rabble he serves; but it’s an elitism even beyond mine to say that a common person can never be qualified to be a representative of common people, because their surface isn’t shiny enough.  It’s the Olympic lip-synching all over again, right here in our presidential race.  What do the people want?  They want to groom slippery talkers, empty promisers, men who know how to turn a lie into truth, and can squirm their way out of any strait, to be their politicians.  They want Nixon back, because at least he’s got brains.  They don’t want integrity — it’s not pretty or smooth.
But, oh, the hatred…  When did this country abandon brotherhood?  It’s as if a dark cloud is choking our land, poisoning the hearts and minds of the people.  Yet I know the Internet itself attracts malevolence (although I always assumed online bashing was the province of poorly raised, mistreated children, not normalised adults)…  Maybe I’m just seeing the very worst of it, and the rest of Americans still have souls.  November will show it.
I’m so tired…  Every chance we have to do right, we do wrong instead…  How do any of us dare to call this "civilisation"?
I have one wish…
…Please remember these days, world, when your end comes… the end your actions demanded.  You chose ignorance and superstition for your saviours, lies for your religion, and hatred for your god.
Would anyone be spared the hypocrite’s judgment?  Then soften your hearts and repent of your sins, so that you can love again.
I suppose… that God will only have as much mercy on us as we have on our worst enemies — our most hated brothers or sisters.  …I too must repent.
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2 Responses to One Nation, Divisible

  1. Craig says:

    Dude you need counseling!

  2. Steve says:

    Visitors are welcome here; welded-shut minds are not.  Open up, brother.  Nobody on this page is against you.

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