October 13, Monday

Two CNAs in "clinical" training were at the assistance home today.  One of the patients kept going after them, and then when they left, he turned his attention to one of the nurses.  I blocked and distracted him as much as I could, getting him to show me his room.
If I get old, I hope I turn out better than some of these fellows, so uncouth to the ladies around them.  The best would be to keep me at home.  Children who ship away a parent need to realize that they may be throwing them to the unchained wolves of their own character.
I feel strange seeing Elena…  I knew her a very short time…  In one of our beginning talks, I told her in joke that I’d still be friends with her even when she moved on, or met others, or stopped talking to me, or something.
So fast, that time has already come…  We passed without greeting today.  You know something has died when it becomes a burden to talk to somebody who was hard to resist before.
…Well, at least she wasn’t in a dress today, the nearly perfect thing.
Anyway……… I hope to know someday why she suddenly stopped liking me.  Better still, why she suddenly started in the first place.  What hoaxes these "relationships" and "interests" have always turned out to be…
I’m having a hard time in my English class.  I was going to write about China, arguing that the most thorough reform would come domestically by a culture shift, not by any outer push.  I find myself unable to write about it…  Ingrid, a classmate, suggested I write about something I was passionate about.  I don’t really want to change my issue at this point, but I think I will.
I have two ideas of things to argue: that punctuation, unless original, should not be put inside of quotation marks in English, and that rule is silly; or that… old thought that marriage is not for everybody, in the Church.
-Steve Foster
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2 Responses to October 13, Monday

  1. Craig says:

    You are a menace to society, you need to be locked up man.

  2. Steve says:

    My only guess is that you\’re drunk.  If so, I can easily forgive you for being backwards.
    …But when you sober up, come back here and set my mind at ease with a confirmation that you don\’t think volunteer work at a hospital is "menacing" to society.

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