Marshal Yourselves

The pro-Obama Marshall family e-mail "discourse" continued through today.  As exclusive as it has been, and having started and now concluded on my part with Joe’s forwarding, it has really been illuminating to me.  It’s not every day I become privy to the peculiarities of judgment lurking beneath the friendliness, neighbourliness, and strangeness of my friends, neighbours, and connected strangers.
While it’s been interesting, let me put it bluntly that I consider many of them misguided in their priorities; unable to tell one spirit from another, as it were; even intoxicated with their agency, like all good dissenters.  Politics are not a game, or a trip to the store to choose the prettiest outfit.  We have the power in this world to screw up the destinies of other people, and future generations, and that’s exactly what we’re at risk to do when we casually subscribe our votes to one side or another because some point looks pretty to us, or we want to experiment with some original kind of politics or fresh face we haven’t seen before.  We imagine, "If he turns out bad, well, there’s always the next election."  Meanwhile, history has switched train tracks.  Meanwhile, reality has been altered.
Throughout all of history, and even before history, the greatest and most lasting questions of a society have been moral questions.  Morality is a fragile thing from one generation to the next.  All of us today are the heirs of the moral questions of yesterday; our very lives are hung on the moral framework erected (or remodeled) by our predecessors and their elected officials.
But here we are, saying to ourselves, "You know what… the economy.  That’s what’s important.  Foreign relations, that’s what will make us happy."  And so we lean towards the party that discounts or even perverts morality, just because it claims policy superiority.
Ironically, that party’s policies aren’t even superior to begin with.  That party is making our economy fat and lazy, which happifies us even as it cripples us.  That party’s foreign policy is to prohibit us from any form of interference in the larger world, and make us rather subject to the consensus of those around us.  These behaviours will not be without consequences.
But more importantly, there is a worse form of destruction than that coming from the bank, or from without our borders.  It comes from within; it’s self-destruction.  When morality fails, we won’t need our enemies to come upon us; we’ll turn on ourselves.  The only interest left will be the self-interest of every individual.
There is nothing more urgent than morality, in any election.  The other "issues", while not to be neglected, are little more than the overly sweet icing on a cake, which, eaten alone, will make you sick; while the cake eaten alone will prolong your life.
It’s happened before; morals have been abandoned, and nations have crumbled.  It will happen again.  When it’s our turn — when the time comes to us that society collapses on itself, let’s remember.  Let’s think back to this time, when otherwise intelligent voters convinced themselves to dissent from the "non-issues" of morality.
God bless the LDS Democrats.  And if so, may it be the blessing of a good memory.  I suppose hell itself is little more than a perfect memory.
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