The Beating Heart of America

Well, it’s tomorrow.  The sky is getting dark — I mean the sky of America.  The people are selling themselves, as they have before.  The slope we’re standing on will get a little steeper.
…But this was not the last day nor the final dusk.  We’ll wake up from this hazy dream, and we’ll have another day to set things right again.
How many days do we have left?
At least one more.
The birthrate recedes, and with it, the danger of uninformed youth.  The defection to worldly extravagance grows with each new entertainment season; the hedonism is tempered in turn by economic tides.  The backlash against social anarchy rises across the globe; preceding it is the spreading amorality, replacing traditions of wisdom with a new ethos of materialism and momentary passion.  There’s this swinging pendulum of social feeling, pulling itself back and forth, as if it was designed for perpetuity… but strangely, it’s leaning more to the left with every swing…
How many more ticking swings until a piece flies loose?
This is not the end.  This is not the season.  The prophecies are still waiting, watching, like thieves poised to break in at night.  And this is not their chosen night.
Too many of us are still awake tonight.
God save us, on both our literal and symbolic "tomorrow".
But, what’s the good of another day?  Just so we can ruin it again?
…But we’re not sent to condemn.  We’re sent to save.  There was One before us, and to save the world, he died for it.  Then if we too must fail in the world, we too will fail with glory.
So, we may decline.  The truth is too hard to explain to an angry mind.  We’ll be divided.  Our defectors will turn on us.  Our enemies will pronounce us broken… failed.
But if breaking with Babylon is our only failure, why, let us break joyfully, knowing that the sorrow of a lifetime is infinitely better than the sorrow of eternity.
What power, Babylon, you great and proud who deride us, do we have to nullify God’s promises?  If he dooms all who do wickedly, who are we to deny it?  Yes, we know you deny it already, as we know that only in this life of foolishness do you have the option of denial.  We know you will mourn, you who oppress us today.  We know our groanings will turn to relief.  We have no need of denial.  The humanity in us makes us beg you to repent today, while it’s still light — but when the time comes to withdraw our hands, we will withdraw them.
Oh, you sad people.  I can imagine your wailing as if it’s today, your cries, your attempts to deafen yourselves from the memories of your great errors, your shocking blasphemies.  How you hated the only One who loved you, and instead cleaved to your tormentors because of their empty promises…
How empty you are, even now.  Maybe you can’t feel it — we’re so distracted by our senses and thoughts.  But take a moment to reflect, and you will feel it: the burning, piercing void of atheism…  Nothing to rely on, only these rickety old bodies, likely to burst a vital blood vessel at any moment and expel these frail consciousnesses into the black.
It’s an awful feeling to keep hidden in the closet.  It’s an awful thing to burden a life with.  Your so-called freedom is not worth suffering and dying for.
Begin to believe, world.  There is a God who sent you and who will collect you back.  Before you had parents here, he was your parent.  His voice both whispers and shouts to you, if you will hear it — the voice of hope.  You may bitterly cling now to Obama, but there is a better Saviour with a far better hope: the hope of eternity.
God has sent messengers to tell us of his judgments, correct our wrong philosophies, and strengthen us day to day.  They’re the thudding we feel in our chest, that organ that prolongs us.  We don’t need to fight them, when all along, their words have blessed those who heeded them.  We only need to open our minds and learn.
Yes, we are healers here.  This poor world has a terminal illness, it’s true…  Cancers have spread throughout, threatening many systems.
But we’re physicians.  Our oath is to save life.  Till the final day and the last tick of the pendulum, we’ll try to cure this disease.
Then let tomorrow bring what it may.
-Steve Foster
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2 Responses to The Beating Heart of America

  1. feiyang says:

    Things may not be that bad.
    Do believe that pure-heart of all the Americans will be reciprocated by the pure earth of  the US. 

  2. Steve says:

    Ha ha…  Thanks for bringing me a smile…
    Your words are true: pure hearts shall be blessed by the land.
    And yet, this night… we have preferred the things that pure hearts would not choose.  The Americans I mourn are not a pure people, and can’t be called so, until our spinning wheels have finished spinning “right” into “wrong”.

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