The sky grieved with us today, more sorely as the day wound down.
But this morning, I looked up at the dark blanket over us… and saw a hole off to the southwest.  Behind it was another cloud layer with two more holes in it; and through the larger were some higher-altitude clouds whose tops reflected the sun.  Behind those was the soft, blue sky.
In his logical tunnelling the other day, the eldest Marshall boy reminded me of the Church having forbidden abortion in all but some rare cases, in which it was only strongly discouraged.  Later, I read a Catholic writer making an astonishing but obvious claim…
"After all, if abortion is not seriously wrong, why mount such an effort against it?"
He had repeated Richard’s earlier claim that "nobody … (including Democrats) … supports or advocates" abortion, and he repeated Richard’s hijacked argument that changing economic conditions were the best method (and Obama’s method) to reduce abortion.
But the point can’t be denied…:
If abortion is wrong at all, and if you want to reduce the need for it… in other words, if it actually is a crime against another person… then how can you not outlaw it immediately?  How can you legalise crime against others?  It’s Jim Crow.
…But then… if it’s wrong at all, and if you want to reduce it, and if it’s regrettable, and a crime…
…Then how can you excuse it in any case whatsoever?  Neither the rapist’s child nor the incestor’s child is a rapist or incestor, worthy of death.
So the Church rests its exemptions on other things — not on the protection of innocent lives.  The Church excuses it on… either a timeless (and Biblical) form of justice, upholding family ties and family guilt along with them, so that the rapist ought to be punished through his posterity… or a heightened sensitivity to women’s rights, by which a woman’s choice (or non-choice) of conception is the absolute determinant of whether she should be a mother.
Except for these other-worldly views, then as this Catholic pointed out… if rape abortion is not completely prohibited as an assault on innocent life… it’s because the victim is not yet considered "innocent life" — not yet a person.
For the Church, then, what’s the reason for hating abortion while STILL allowing it for rape?  It’s not because it takes a life, but because… what?
Because it prevents a life or distorts a life, or delays it, or messes it up, or whatever.  Which is an entirely different ballpark — not yet the ballpark of contraception, but neither that of murder.  And in this ballpark, we have no room to put up little crosses for the 46 million dead American babies, or hang up their cute little shoes on signs, or something.
And without some mitigating viewpoint, if we lose and abortion goes completely legal, as fornication before it, then… so what?  Those dead babies are not really dead, because they weren’t really babies, and it’s just another serious sin to repent of when you join the Church.  And it’s no longer quite the deal-breaker it was for any LDS who wants to vote Democrat (although the other deal-breakers certainly remain).
So, excepting those views I mentioned, the aborted child is not lost from mortality.
Yes, it’s a consoling thought…
…It’s one without a resolution.  Because theologically, it ties our hands against those measures that reduce abortion.  We can still work against it and preach against it, sure, like we preach against alcohol or porn… but not with the necessary fervour of a crusade against the slaughter of the innocent.
And the effort will fail, as Prohibition failed and obscenity laws failed.  I agree with the Catholic.  Only an innocent-human-life-based opposition to abortion will succeed, not some weak campaign of letting people know it’s "wrong" for ambiguous reasons, when people today are delighted to harm themselves in any way they can.
Ah… what can we do… besides taking those other views, of course, or one like them… which would still plant us firmly within the Christian mainstream interpretation…
Anyway, our nation stumbles tonight — not repealing the unpopular good of Prohibition, but repealing the unpopular good of Bush.  So let us cast ourselves into this tar pit and see if we’re any happier.  Forgive us, our dear grandchildren, us who voted McCain — as we forgive our forebears who voted to keep brain poison illegal, yet were overpowered by their prophetically blind peers.
Strangely, for two nights I’ve had nightmares of an Obama win.  Now it’s sadly upon us.  But at least I can sleep easier, dreaming of some happier future.
-Steve Foster
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