Vox Populi

Today presented a variety of interests; the biggest was my ride home.  I went to Provo again, and missed my return bus by about 45 seconds.  I either get back a half-hour early for work, or, if I take the next bus, a half-hour late (in which case, I miss the shift).  I thought I’d have to call work to have them send a replacement… but there were a couple other options.  Surely, I thought, that big school had a bunch of people on their way to Salt Lake at that very moment.  But how to find them?  I was going to go cruising the parking lots… but then I thought back to some material I’d just read, about how medical schools liked to see "leadership" positions on their applications.  I thought this was a good chance to practice "leadership"… or making the tough decision, or whatever you might call it…  I got out my pen and scribbled a big "SLC" on the blank side of a paper I’d just gotten.  Then I stood next to the road, held up the paper in front of my stop sign, and tried my best to look non-threatening as I stuck my thumb out.  To sweeten the deal, I got out some dollar bills and held them in front of the paper (I’d effectively be losing $13 by missing work, so…)
Within a few minutes, a young guy in a big pick-up truck pulled over.  He ended up lifting me back to the train station, accepting no compensation.  He was a drywall contractor: Brian Barker, of Barker Management (his new company).  He said he’d always travelled by hitch-hike as a Hermosilla missionary, so he tried to return the favours here.
My mom later questioned my judgement…
That reminds me: I discovered not long ago that British spell it "judgement" instead of "judgment".  I’d always considered the first spelling mere uneducation, and I was startled to find out my way was in fact the wrong one… one website even attributing it to Noah Webster’s caprice, "considering the ‘e’ superfluous".  But then again, I remembered that I’d corrected Sister Lam for this mistake using the Bible as proof.  When I checked my Bibles again for the word the other day, it was still the second spelling.  So it apparently predates Webster and America… so that… it seems the British are possibly the corruptors of English this time.
Well, what would the first usage have been?  ‘Judge’ is the word…  Looks like it came from Latin through French, and ‘ment’ is obviously French…  Well, dictionary.com mutates the word.  This is silly.  Why would it drop the ‘d’ in French and Middle English, and then pick it up again?  That’s unlikely… although it could’ve been some spelling standardisation of the soft ‘g’ sound…  Anyway, if Frankish added the suffix and created the compound, and the Franks still use the ‘e’… …But… why would the Anglish Bible drop it?  That’s a little odd…
You know, there’s not enough scholarship on this word yet.  Between the Biblical and the French proofs… well, obviously, we want the most original, pure word.  But then, who knows except I’ll find out the French added their ‘e’ too in some cloudless brainstorm, when the true original had none, and I’ll be the preacher of their ignorance…
But as far as I know…….. well, it’s ‘e’.  Then why take it out?  What’s the reason?  There must have been one… to facilitate pronunciation or something…
Anyway, then… judgement.  I feel stupid writing it, but…
So, I was grateful for his help.
Yesterday I met a very, very nice-voiced Swedish girl on Skype…  My voice sounded like a train wreck next to hers…  I was amazed and pacified by it…  (Amased?)  Her name was Mira…
…Yet a still better voice came unexpectedly later in the evening — not through airwaves, but through time — a voice from the past.  And after that voice, I slept more soundly last night than I had in a very long time, and I woke up happy.
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7 Responses to Vox Populi

  1. fanny says:

    haha……normally the girl who has nice voice looks ugly……just kidding…..O(∩_∩)O.飘走。。。。

  2. Steve says:

    Yes, you\’re right… 😦 Well, I\’ll try not to ask for her picture, and just leave her as a voice…Or better yet, I could record her voice and then have a prettier girl lip synch her! That way both girls could feel that they contributed, and I would not lose face in the international community…

  3. feiyang says:

    hi,steven,I remembered a music "Concerto pour deux voix" from a sweden girl.it\’s really the sound of nature.Maybe girls from Sweden all have wonderful voices.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes… Maybe I need to raise my daughters there…

  5. 雪梨 says:

    haha ,British spelling was largely standardized by the middle of the 18th century,and American variants established by the early 19th.

  6. Steve says:

    Good. Which further highlights my question, why does the 1611 King James British Bible use the so-called American variant of "judgment"? Either the spelling has been updated in my editions (although other British spellings remain in the book); or "judgment" was already an existing British variant that was later de-standardised, by your suggestion… or… …I lost the other thought… -_-

  7. 雪梨 says:

    – – I knew that from an Oxford English Dictionary。So that\’s British\’s suggestion…and I had never read an English Bible。。。By the way,actually,many spelling conventions were fixed by printers as early as 1500,maybe that\’s why the 1611 king James British bible used "judgment".um..just maybe~

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