Last Thursday, I got to see Yiu Yiu’s face on her web camera… but not hear her voice.  I do have some old recordings of her voice that I love to listen to.
Later that night, I got a call from my old friend A-Wing.  Beside Calvin and Quin, Wing is my only friend left from Hong Kong.  He is in Provo now studying English at Nomen Global, where he will be for a few more months.  Unlike those other two, who also visited SLC, Wing apparently was not too popular to meet with me.  He scheduled me for the next day, Friday.  We met up in the afternoon at Temple Square (he was with his friend Kyle, who has been at Provo’s ELC) and wandered to and fro over the next 6 hours (including having a private, side-theatre viewing of Testaments in Cantonese).
On Saturday was Korean class again.  It fortunately is not too regimented, which makes it easier for us to go at our own paces.  The teacher gave us some practice versions of the Korean proficiency test, "TOPIK".  After class, though, I found out that the test would not be administered in Utah this year because of low demand.  I had hoped to take at least the beginner level before leaving…
After class I walked to my grandma’s (the SL Christian Center in which the class is held is not far from her house).  I think it was Shane who had convinced her to have a party.  Most aunts and uncles came, along with a few cousins, some of whom brought their kids.  I got to know Ashley’s Blake (brought by his grandparents) and Monica’s kids a little better.  Maxwell left his little martial art belt there, so my mom dropped me off at their house to return it, where I stayed to watch WALL.E with them.
Saturday night and Sunday morning were stake conference…  Elder Kevin Pearson addressed us.  On Sunday afternoon, I met with Bishop Mike Berry.  I had prepared to get my BYU application form signed by him, but I put it off, not wantng to push him.  The March 1 deadline is just down the road, speeding toward me like an angry bus driver.  Even if I make it, maybe the spot that would’ve been mine has already been filled…
When I think about it, I really don’t want to study in my potential programs at the U or Idaho…  Those at BYU are just a better fit…  But the alternative is to re-apply for BYU’s Winter 2010 semester…
This week I’ve been trying again to work out going to Mongolia (the scenic route).  If it’s too hard, I’ll have to default to just flying through Korea.
On Monday was a brutal race with the train from the Arena stop to the Temple Square stop (I had already been jogging from the school).  The train hit a red light at 200 West, giving me some time, but my legs quit after that intersection, only to start again some seconds later.  I missed the train by a yardstick, but I had done my best, or nearly so.  I’ve made that sprint once before and it was just as killing this time, although I came closer.  I still have a cough from it.  Fortunately, though, I met a nice Korean on the next train who is studying at the U’s English Language Institute.  I thought she said her name was Kim Eun-ok… ha ha.  …Nice name.
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