Young Gods

Which comes first, the darkness or the light?
Either way, we see both coming into the world nearly simultaneously, or overlapping.  For every evil, God has provided a good; for every mistake, a recovery.
Then, if the good answers the wrong by its design (the nature of good being one of permanence, and the nature of wrong being of decay), wrong comes first;  absence before presence; emptiness before fulness.  So, our big empty night sky will one day be crowded, and another heavens will come.  This filling is the life-spirit, the urge to bring perpetuating order to the elements.
To us, God is the agent of "good" and "life", himself part of the same life process he brings to bear upon us — so our future looks very much like his past.  He calls us his children; so those occupying the heavens — and the hells also — are our kinsmen, shaped like we are.
"God" means Ruler; nothing happens without his complicity.  The one area beyond his control, our free will, is the one area he himself has placed beyond his grasp, over a line he will not cross — as his will must once have been placed for him.
We may assume that God saw evil vanquished in his day, as he has so pledged in our day.  Yet, overthrown, it came again from his free children.  Then "evil" can be better understood not as a dark, eternally recurring tragedy, but merely as divine immaturity, a stage of growth through which gods necessarily pass.
On our world, evil has a malicious envy of good, and seeks its downfall, while good looks upon evil with a holy hatred and will burn it out wherever possible.  Only in ignorance can the two dwell together.  Once distinguished, they demand separation into opposite camps.
Our spinning world has witnessed preceding aeons pass into apparent obscurity; yet the blood and toil of centuries has imperceptibly laid the foundation upon which our nearer ancestors began to build this great, last civilization, the gathering of all civilizations into one.  God has gifted the thoughtful ponderers with invention, granting us the tools to expand our population, to extend learning to every class of people, and to trespass the former boundaries of communication.  And foreseeing that the great void of human curiosity would draw in evil as well as good, God set up a tent in the wilderness, a refuge to the seeker, and placed in its storage a hidden library to satisfy all curiosity.  The tent has expanded its veiled shade, planting stakes in every corner of the world, shielding all who care to enter from the rising sewer-stench of corruption outside, the natural product of unrestraint.
So while good and evil continue to fraternize outside, still to a degree unaware of each other, we already have this sure bastion of "good", open to all who can afford the toll of diligence.  And the only offence of this fortress is its impenetrable defence, every soul defending his own freedom by sheer strength of choice, choosing to remain within the tent.  None can snatch us out.
All can sense the security of this refuge, but many are confused, entangled with childish prejudices, and neglect to enter.  Their risk is their own.  So confusion itself is an expression of evil desire, the desire not to educate oneself and banish one’s misinformation.
But the evidence is unmistakeable and discovered at every turn.
The Church, this great "tent", is its own proof.
Measure from every distant point of opinion, and place connecting lines, and you eventually will realize a great nexus at the centre of human knowledge… and its nucleus will be found inside this Church of God.  Though seen as a wilderness apart, inside the Church is found the surprising merger of every thoughtful belief outside the Church.
And, as I suppose, informed Latter-day Saints are the best equipped of all to depart into any given religious or philosophical faction extant, because, as Truman Madsen put it, "There’s something of Mormonism in everything."
Yes, we have heard such inclusive sentiments elsewhere, and though lacking the hinge of present revelation, such efforts are admirable to us, and we sense in them the shadows of divinity.
So our modern civilization is gathering all into one, and then separating into light and dark halves; and truth itself is gathering into one, in the LDS Church of Jesus, and we are also busy splitting ourselves in half.  It will be no surprise that there are believing Church members, and then there are just… Church members, and even ex-members.  And all this, that mankind can make a free decision, without the compulsion of ignorance, and no more blinded by confusion; because we are children of God, and freedom is godlike.
We will all have our choice, light or dark.
And after the darkness becomes unimaginable…
…Then will come the perfect light.
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