Aliens in Outer Space

Yes, that’s right…  I live in or near a neighbourhood called "Sansar", which according to my dictionary means "outer space".  Why you would name a place outer space, I don’t know.  Maybe it has another meaning.

This is a really nice and calm country.  It’s like a cross of Korea and Manila, Utah.

No time to write anything here, though.


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2 Responses to Aliens in Outer Space

  1. Thankful says:

    Note to Steve: if you see any odd looking beings, whose language you don\’t understand, DON\’T say, "Take me to your leader." Oh, wait…that might describe everyone you meet……YIKS!

  2. Steve says:

    Odd-looking is right… I think I\’ve never felt myself among more uniformly "foreign"-looking people. Someone told me I\’ll get used to the look over time…

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