Mongolia – Thursday, July 2

Things are going well here.  I think I’m starting to move away from the past a bit…
I was able to go out with the missionaries.
It’s interesting to see people who are just finding out about the Church, about God.  You know they’re starting a journey, one way or the other…  You know their lives are about to change — their eyes are about to open up, and they will see the world and see themselves in a very different way… and you know that if they are strong, if they do their best, they will be totally transformed from what they were.
And you know that if they don’t continue in the journey… they will fall back to their starting point… and become like others again, lost in the rush of life, not quite sure where they are going.
It’s like… these missionaries are going around giving wings to people, giving them the chance to fly.
It’s exciting to see it again…
We need to pray for these new people, that they will have the patience and trust in God to wait for the answers to their prayers, and wait for their faith to grow strong and bear sweet fruits.
Happiness and peace can be obtained.  Love can be found.  Freedom is within reach.  And hope is the vehicle to a better life.
I’m glad I’m still alive, to experience this world a little longer.  This is a lifetime of opportunity; every day, even every minute, we have the chance to do something great.
Read this, any visitors to this page: the story of a dead man and his dead country, showing the way to life:
God gave us a new, living church, and he did it to bless this world.  This Book is the banner of that Church.  Find it.  Search it out in your own language, and read it.
And look back, decades later, on the miracle that took place when you did so.
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6 Responses to Mongolia – Thursday, July 2

  1. Thankful says:

    You show such wisdom of thought and your words are truly inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Hannah says:

    Heaven , World , Which is better?if heaven , why human beings still existif world , why human beings want to go back to live with God

  3. Steve says:

    Heaven is a place of rest and satisfaction. How is there rest without a day of labour? How is there satisfaction without a struggle first? Every morning we have to wake up and leave our beds and go out and do something, then at last we come home and rest. So we couldn\’t very well stay in our heavenly beds all day, either.Heaven is also a place for perfect beings. This world is what perfects us, through suffering and growth. So the most perfect being here, God\’s Son, was also the one who overcame the most.

  4. Hannah says:

    how when sb is killed or they die from diseases? they are young tho….

  5. Steve says:

    Good point. As we\’ve already commented, heaven is a better place to be, and we would rather go there quickly if possible. But we didn\’t control our births, and it\’s difficult for us to control our deaths, and others\’ deaths — and it\’s irresponsible.Why? Well, if we were all exactly the same, if we were clones of each other with no personality or individual differences, then we could make a rule saying that everybody will die when they\’re 100 years old, or 50, or 20, or 10, or 2, or something, and we could try to make everybody\’s life experiences exactly the same. That would be fair, if we were the same.Instead, we\’re all very different from each other, and sameness is not fair, but unfair. Tomato plants need more water than cactus plants. An elephant can\’t have a fly\’s short lifetime, but needs longer — and the fly certainly shouldn\’t live an elephant\’s life. And people also need different lives and different lifetimes, for similar reasons: they each have a unique purpose.So we rely on God, who knew when to create us and make us grow inside our mothers, to also know when to take us away to our higher home. Do I complain that I have to spend a longer time on this world, while my fellow person goes to heaven very quickly? No; maybe there\’s some reason I don\’t know about that I should stay here a while. I just have to try to make the best of what I\’m given, and be grateful for everything that comes. At the end of life, it all seems pretty short anyway, no matter how long we live — and especially short (and frightening) for those who don\’t know the promise of God that death is just a heavenly sleep.

  6. Steve says:

    Reading my other comment… I realize that if I were Jesus Christ, I would have about six years left to live. Who knows; I might have less, or maybe more. I hope I can live well like he did; I\’ll try to. I hope you live well too, Hannah. 🙂 I think you\’ll do fine.

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