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꽃보다 학교

When I look up at the clouds, I remember floating over them…  It was just a week ago…  I frequently think of Mongolia and those I knew there.   I feel like my wings have been clipped.  It’ll be a long time before … Continue reading

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Mong… uh, Utah

It ended today… a beautiful dream that took years to happen…   But something is different.   "Back to the old life," I’ve said… but this is not the same life.   …Perhaps reincarnation happens before death…   —   My … Continue reading

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Mongolia – Thursday, August 13

These days, a calm has settled on everything, the peace that comes when you know you’re about to leave a place — the contentment of forgetting all disappointments and remembering only the good.    I enjoy mornings here…  I like waking … Continue reading

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Mongolia – Thursday, August 6

She called me at home tonight.  She’d called earlier while I was at the store…   She’s getting married, she said… this Friday or something; next Friday, I guess…  "Chris"…   That’s funny.  I always get called "Chris" at school because … Continue reading

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Mongolia – Saturday, August 1

It’s August.  Time is winding down.  There are a few things I think I might miss about this place, and several things I think I will not miss.   I noted earlier that I found Mongolians more foreign-looking than other … Continue reading

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