Mongolia – Thursday, August 6

She called me at home tonight.  She’d called earlier while I was at the store…
She’s getting married, she said… this Friday or something; next Friday, I guess…  "Chris"…
That’s funny.  I always get called "Chris" at school because we had two Chrises there studying, Americans.
She said her sister or parents wanted to have me at the countryside on the 17th or 18th or something.
I haven’t spilt tears here, I think… [Well, maybe for my puppy, Jisu…]
But after that call got cut off, I had to retire to the restroom.  I had been in the middle of a chess game with Tumur, one of the sons of the family I live with, the directors of the school.
Only a single tear made it off my face and fell to the floor of that restroom…
This probably will be for the benefit of her son…  I’ve met him only once, but there’s a lot I would do for that lad… not yet for his own sake, but for his mother’s.
I’ve prayed night and day for her nearly every day I’ve been here… as well as for some others.  Excepting my mother, my prayers have been mostly for her… because this is her country, and she was the reason I came.  …And just because of who she was to me.
So at this point, I have to assume that those prayers have been heard… and that this news is not out of harmony with them…
My hesitation is gone, now, to admit that I loved her.
Well, I’ve said it before; but, yes, always with hesitation.
She asked if I could carry back some things from here to there.  She’s certainly the one who can ask that.
I tried to talk a bit of Mongolian with her for her amusement.  Too bad I haven’t been a faster student.
It was nice to hear her voice here, anyway.  I never imagined I’d be hearing it.  It seemed so easy for her to connect with this place as she rode the Salt Lake rail to work or wherever… while for me, it’s a million miles away…
I wish her the best; and if this Chris is the best, I wish him for her.
May God bless her forever… Tugsjargal.  "Perfect Happiness".
-Steve Foster
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5 Responses to Mongolia – Thursday, August 6

  1. Hannah says:

    5 ji nei gong meh

  2. Steve says:

    Ngo gong ngo yichin hou chanmat ge pangyau, nei m geidak jo, honang ngo mou gong nei teng… Keui hai Munggu lei ge… Ngo yanwai keui lei jo nidou.

  3. Kate says:

    how long have you been there for, Steve? I miss you lately…

  4. Steve says:

    Wow, thanks… o_o Same here.

  5. Hannah says:

    i remember ahthe older lady with glasses ah ma.. hohowowi can understand all of your cantonese transliteration (prnounciation?)haha~~~

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