Mongolia – Thursday, August 13

These days, a calm has settled on everything, the peace that comes when you know you’re about to leave a place — the contentment of forgetting all disappointments and remembering only the good. 

I enjoy mornings here…  I like waking up surrounded by books with interesting things to study in them, knowing I could spend the whole day there reading if I wanted — not that I ever do.
Mongolia is a place of learning.

In Mongolia, I’ve learned that all beginnings have their proper end.  The value of experiences is not in their briefness or length, not in their happiness or sadness, and not necessarily in whether you have done your best in them (we always fall short of that).

The value of experiences is in what they have added to you, how they have changed you.  In the unseen part of life, then, the loser often walks away with more than the winner.
In Mongolia, I’ve learned a little about patience.  We waste our energy when we struggle against unwanted facts.  If we rather step back and give situations some time, they tend to work themselves out in better ways than the outcomes we would force by our intrusion.


This really seems like the centre of the world sometimes… one of the great focal points of human history…  People are engrossed in their own situations, of course, like everywhere else, and probably don’t recognize how unique their place is.  It’s nice to come somewhere as an outsider with the ability to contrast a place with other places, and see things in it that aren’t noticeable from within.
…Oh well.  I have nothing much to say…
I can’t say goodbye; what’s the point?  I’ll either come back later, or I won’t… and I probably will.
I can’t say I’ll miss things here any more than I miss any other things elsewhere.  Every day, we leave something behind.  It’s better to take the new day to its fullest than to wish for the bygone day, the vanished face.
But then, we’re nothing but a pile of personal history.  Those faces are what make us.
Let my past in Mongolia also become my future in Mongolia.  As I leave, let my end be my beginning, as it was when I arrived.  Let me see these faces and walk these roads another day… and new faces, and new roads.
Not "goodbye"…
…But "God be with ye"… till we meet again.
Next Thursday I go.
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  1. Thankful says:

    Absolutely beautiful writing!

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