2009/11 – Crack in the Mask

I commented on Facebook about the war in Afghanistan…
I’ve thought for a long time… maybe even since a year ago… about what to do if Americans’ war-hatred turned them against the new president like it did against the old.
First of all… everybody’s a pacifist in principle, even those who want peace through victory.  Few people really have the information or the character to get to the underlying justice or injustice of a particular war.  The ones who "support" a war are generally those who voted for the president who executes the war.  So, Afghanistan gives a lot of Republicans, wearied from the media’s long and lopsided abuse of Bush policies, the very strong enticement to turn pacifist and blame Obama for warmongering.  I made that comment myself not long after the election, bringing up Obama’s broken promises of withdrawal.  And Democrats now are kind of uneasily trying to see the good of warfare after six or seven years of blind pacifistic rage against everything military, because they’re not nearly ready yet to turn against their golden-boy candidate.
Obama… well.  I don’t want to insult him, though there are many fair insults to make.  It will suffice to say I disbelieve in his religion that calls man an animal, as embodied in Democrat policies.
Then again, ever since living outside of this country’s borders, I’ve been favourable to an open and co-operative foreign policy that admitted the equal importance of our foreign counterparts — one of the few policies I haven’t hated the Democrats for; although power confuses either party, no matter their campaign platform.  But the platform is good.  Arrogant nationalism is a sin of ignorance that can turn deadly.
Well, my time in the library just ran out.  I’ll conclude…
Obama, who is not my leader, and who deserves much opposition for his diseased policies…
…does not deserve opposition for being in Afghanistan.  And if I defended George Bush for the sake of the long-term good, I have to defend this smooth-talker too, if opinion turns against him.
Oh well.  Maybe I don’t care about politics like I used to.

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2 Responses to 2009/11 – Crack in the Mask

  1. Hannah says:

    id ont know much about president obama but i think hes a very good pblic speaker

  2. Steve says:

    It\’s hard to say. I\’ve thought so myself before. He does have some black speaking qualities that make his diction more interesting in general. Besides that, he\’s been trained (like most of his background) to cloak his expressions with respectful inclusiveness.But fame goes a long way. A person could give the same speech two times, once as a famous guest and once as an unknown visitor, and the first speech might be hailed while the second might be disregarded.Then again, a person could give a speech once, and reporters who like him could pull out all the good from his speech and whisk it around the country and globe, while reporters who don\’t like him could pull out the weakness or dishonesty of his speech and put it on their domestic news channel.It\’s surely a little of both with Obama. He surely thinks hard about what to say and how to say it, and he also surely gets a lot of sympathy from the media and public simply because he\’s the relieving successor of a less pliant, less liked leader, and — I say it without reservation — because he\’s (half) black, when a lot of people in today\’s world for one reason or another are hungry for blackness.

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