2009/11 – Flash Bulb

I was going to go shopping on Monday night, but I put it off.  After the library closed (shortly before midnight) on Tuesday night, I went home, then prepared and left to the store.  I was walking west, down 600 North.  Out of nowhere I noticed a firework-looking thing, like a bottle rocket, appear in the sky, trailing down and southward.  It was way off to the west.  It lit up quite brightly at first, faintly lighting up the whole place for a fraction of a second, then continued what seemed to me like a few yards as a burning ember before fading away.  It all happened in a moment.  As it began, I thought it was pretty weak for a firework, although it had exploded nicely; I decided it had rather been a flare.  But its speed was like a shooting star, making me think it was possibly extraplanetary, and I quickly remembered talk of a "meteor shower" on Monday by my roommate.  By the time it would have finished its trajectory, I was already bracing myself for some kind of shockwave from the impact.  The size and distance, of course, were impossible for me to distinguish; it seemed very local.  After a few seconds of nothing, I was sure that Provo city hadn’t been destroyed.  So I thought it was a pretty small thing.
I heard later on the news that Californians and Nevadans had also seen it.  So, that’s why it was so far westward in the sky.  Some people commented that the sky was as bright as day.  I think they were exaggerating, although it certainly could’ve been brighter farther west.  It lit up our Provo pretty well, eliciting some "wows" from the people in the apartments past which I was walking, but it was only for the briefest instant.  It really wasn’t so bright.
The squiggly line stayed burnt on my retina for a couple more minutes.
On Tuesday, Noah Feldman, a Jewish fellow from Massachussetts or somewhere, came to BYU and talked.  He was short and red-haired, which of course reminded me of one of my only two Jewish friends; Jon Mellenson, I think it was spelt.  The other friend was Josh Elstein.  There was also Shira Steinberg, but we weren’t close at all.  Anyway, his interesting topic was the religious contexts of presidential candidates from Massachussetts.
These few days there’s been a cultural event at school involving representatives (mostly BYU students) from a couple dozen foreign countries manning display booths.  Today, in a half hour, there will be a foreign food event.
Last night there was a kind of saddish Korean movie put on by the foreign film society, or whatever they are.  I guess I’ll write that on my other page.
Today I went to an internship for the Humanities department and was reminded that I’d have to do an internship in order to get a TESOL minor.  They also started a new program for getting a "TESOL certificate", since they think foreign employers don’t recognize minor emphases.  I hope I’ll be able to start that early, rather than waiting till I was planning to take that internship class…  That way I can spread it out.
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2 Responses to 2009/11 – Flash Bulb

  1. Steve says:

    The food was pretty fine. I met Javzaa, my Mongolian teacher, and her two friends, Enkhbayar and "Oyaangaa". There were also a Jeffrey and Irene from Hong Kong with their two little kids who sat by us. I spent eight dollars. I had some South African soup, a Russian pancake, an Chinese egg roll and a spring roll, a sort of desert roll from Tonga, a French eclair and tart, some Spanish rice and chicken, an Italian creme soda drink, a bean-sausage dish from Brazil… two bowls of American ice cream… and something else or two.

  2. Hannah says:

    hahasomebody said americans are exaggerating and over-confident.. <– it seems true ..ha

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