2009/11 – Timpani

Thanksgiving came and went.  We had a stake fireside; Elaine Dalton was invited to speak by her son who lives in our stake.  A stake orchestra had been arranged, which played by themselves and also accompanied our two hymns.
We celebrated at my aunt Donna’s house.  Only Donna’s family, our family (minus Dave), Carl and his son and daughter-in-law, and Grandma Ruth were there.
It was really nice getting to know my cousins’ children…  There were seven of them (Haley and Colton, Lily and Nathan, and Paige, Nash, and Abbie), ranging from six months old to five years old.  They were cute and smart, and everybody had fun playing with them.
Last night, I was able to talk for quite a while with Munkhzaya.  I think I found Zaya on some website earlier this year.  She lives in Ulaanbaatar.  I finally saw her picture…  Very elvish somehow; very compelling.  I hope to talk to her again.
Later, Fan came online, and we had a brief but nice voice chat.
I got a little nervous again, having enjoyed talking to both…  I guess I need to start evaluating things and being more serious.  The biggest problem, clearly, would be if they were irreligious…  I’ll have to bring up that issue now and again and see if it makes any of my decisions for me.
Now we’re heading up to Manila — I and my parents, and Dozer our dog.
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One Response to 2009/11 – Timpani

  1. Steve says:

    I also met smiling, happy Josie Johnson there at the fireside, as well as Meredith Marshall. Josie will serve a mission soon.

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