2009/12 – Delayed Departure

By the end of yesterday, after three straight early-afternoon-to-early-morning days of work, I finished my last paper.  It was a day late.  I felt glad for having been able to sit there for three days, though.  I fixed it up a little this morning.  It could have turned out better.  I guess I should go hand it in.
Bom-Erdene e-mailed me a month ago.  I answered her this week, and she wrote back on Tuesday.  Then, yesterday, I was able to talk to Handmaa online.  That they would still spend some time on me after so long made me think they were my good friends…
My Jay aunt, Marsha, asked me yesternight to go with two of her boys this weekend to help another aunt (Becky) move to Washington.  (She also promised a stipend from Becky, which is unnecessary, but which I would take if offered; it’s nearly a month’s salary for me.)  I wrote back, but haven’t heard again from her…  They’ll leave tomorrow.  I have three tests to do still.  If I can do them by today, I’ll be able to go.  I’ll have to finish my job work next week, though, instead of tomorrow.
As I walked home at 2 this morning, I saw a cat run under a tree (that east-most tree between the Benson and JS buildings).  I thought I heard people trying to catch it…  Coming around the trees, I saw not people but… three foraging doe deer.  One was behind the tree, so I didn’t see it well.  The deers didn’t seem to notice me, even when I called at them to leave that cat alone.  I thought about trying to approach them, but instead just went home.
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3 Responses to 2009/12 – Delayed Departure

  1. Thankful says:

    I hope you are able to arrange things and are able to go. It sounds like a good deed and a good break.

  2. Steve says:

    Well, I met with my teacher/employer; he wasn\’t concerned about the schedule. I also finished my tests. I tried to prepare for a while before each one. I studied the hardest for the first (religion) but only got 72% — but that\’s kind of normal for that teacher\’s tests… For the second (linguistics) I studied less hard and got 86%, which is maybe a pinch low (even though those ones typically go up a few points on the curve). Then for English grammar, I studied a little and got 91% — also about average for me there, but never satisfying, since it\’s English. I\’ve failed to submit one of the assignments for that class. I\’m afraid I may only get a B+ average this semester… which might prevent me from raising my credit limit and going to language classes.But I\’ve also started to think I might just put off some of those classes. Thai and Viet are not commonly offered. Korean is commoner but still low-demand, and has this year only offered a given class every other semester. Chinese and Japanese are always open. If I have to, I\’ll put off the more available ones till spring or later.

  3. Steve says:

    Well, my grammar teacher contacted me about that one assignment, telling me it would make the difference between an A- and an A. I had already given it up for dead, but with his permission I e-mailed it in late.I\’m pretty sure I won\’t take Chinese now, especially after seeing the prices of the silly textbooks. I\’ll probably put off Japanese like I thought. Depending on what I decide with Viet, I might not even need to surpass my credit limit (I have room for eight credit-hours, and each class is four).

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