2010/01 – Touch of Soul

I went and ate Korean with my Korean 102 class last night.  The company was fine, but less than captivating, and I left promptly when finished.  The venue was notable: Spicy Corea, the successor company of Touch of Seoul, whereat I last dined with Eunhee.
I returned to the library to do homework for Monday.  Instead, I ended up talking to some people online, including Munhzaya.  I spent a lovely hour or two attempting to communicate with her.  I think my Mongolian got a little better…  She made a few comments that showed an analytical mind, I thought.  Finally the library closing music was playing, and then a guard came and shouted at me that it was time to go.
I left in a sort of haze of reminiscence of the chat…  For an instant, I had considered just dropping all my classes and flying over to Mongolia to settle down.  Not until I was descending the deer hill near the duck pond did I remember that she was a devoted Tibetan Buddhist.
Anyway, it was a nice chat.
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One Response to 2010/01 – Touch of Soul

  1. Steve says:

    I met Petra yesterday and accompanied her as far as her art class…

    My flatmate Stetson bugged me about it later, demanding that I ask her on a date. Somehow, the idea terrified me…

    After much grief, I finally faced the fact that I (not unlike the Asian ward) stigmatized non-Asians. Nothing else about Petra bothers me very much. So, I forced myself to consider the possibility of accepting a non-Asian…

    …Although it might mean an abandonment of my entire life’s work.

    Oh well.

    I didn’t expect to see her today, but I might tomorrow. Strangely, after finally accepting her and finding myself all liking her and so on last night, ready to marry her, I woke up this morning feeling myself a great distance from the night before, as if I were all ready moving on from an affection that had expired.

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