2010/01 – Five-ra

I tried feeding the ducks Saturday night but they weren’t in the mood at that hour, especially having been terrorized by two unleashed dogs brought by some careless locals.  I also witnessed the mutilation of a crooked snowman there in that park; two fat guys and a girl came by and suddenly assaulted it.
On Sunday was the racist ward again.  It wasn’t so aggravating this time, although two of the three speakers spoke flawless English.  I noticed that I all I really thought about when I looked up at the bishops on the stand was what sinners they were.  I’ll try to control myself.
On my way up to that ward, I saw my roommate Ezra, who has charge over the Southridge ward’s membership.  I asked him to request my records, since I would eventually be needing to have a bishop sign my yearly endorsement for school.
During the last meeting, Lee Haenghyun walked in and sat a couple rows ahead of me (I was in the back).  I wasn’t exactly sure it was her.  I decided it was, and that I would go and greet her after the meeting.  She turned and left immediately as I approached, and didn’t respond to my generic call.  I gave up and left rather than chase after her.  She as likely recognized me as didn’t.  The last I knew of her some years ago, she was a humourless girl who never really wanted to talk.
Today I failed to wake up on time again, but I made my second morning class.  I went down to the ELC after my other classes, but didn’t see the Thai teacher, Kate.  I met the three Koreans and had a nice hour and a half; I also saw Hideto there, some other teachers, and the non-smiling, non-greeting Viet girl whom I’m hesitant about meeting tomorrow.
I caught the last part of Mandarin class.  Afterward, I waited around for Petra, and we walked to her art class.  She greeted a total of three boys on the way (one married).
As I left her class, I detected that wonderful old feeling of Jealousy over those three guys, one married.
…It tells me my heart has come back to life, with all its loving selfishness and pettiness… and perhaps all its vibrance and force — its commanding, life-altering influence.
I wonder if she’ll be my fifth.  I think I’m smart enough and masochistic enough by now to cut her off instantly at the first sign of trouble.  …Like three guys, one married.
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3 Responses to 2010/01 – Five-ra

  1. Steve says:

    Well, I saw her yesterday and today too. Same stuff. I\’m wondering a little about her recent pro-sinicity. It\’s a suspectable girl who doesn\’t care about Asia, but on the other hand, getting devoured and digested by the Chinamonster isn\’t any improvement to anybody.I met that Viet girl yesterday and got some fairly satisfying practice in. She\’s in one of the higher ELC levels. We seemed to part amicably, neither of us having brought up the burden of another appointment.Today I met the Koreans but wasted much of the time chatting about nothing. Not that that\’s not helpful; it just has a lower face-value for them when we stray from a well-defined academic context.Just now I came to the library and saw "Kate", the Thai ELC teacher (and TESOL graduate student). She was willing to go sit down and review a variety things with me, but the review was cut sudden by a phoned reminder of an imminent appointment with some classmate (I had already run out of things to ask). She had had a distracted sense about her for most of the time… We too refrained from trying to meet again.Soon I\’ll go meet Hideto at home…There was a career fair, and one booth was for China volunteer English teaching… I was a little disgusted by the commercialization of the "China experience".I\’m feeling tired… I\’m doing less well in my classes, since I can\’t wake up for them so much. I keep staying up and talking to Elder Hallam, my flatmate. Last night we gospelized again.

  2. Hannah says:

    lazy steve. coundlt get up on time lolwhos the fifth?

  3. Steve says:

    I mean the fifth one I will have wanted to be with. I referred to Petra (who uses "5ra" for her IM contact). These days, I don\’t think it will be her, though. I\’m concerned she loves her Mandarin Chinese too much and other stuff too little…

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