2010/02 – D.O.B.

My mom came down to Provo yesterday and we went to eat dinner together.  It was enjoyable.  Later, my siblings called me.
Some people wished me well online.
On Monday, Grandma had come over and we’d all eaten together.  We’d ordered out from Hunan Garden.  It was very pricey but tasted good.  We also had cake.  I was given some thoughtful gifts.
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4 Responses to 2010/02 – D.O.B.

  1. Steve says:

    Earlier today, I was at the UVU library, meeting with Chongsook, my study buddy. We mostly watched movies with her little daughter. It went well till we walked out to their car. I was carrying two bags for Chongsook. Suddenly the daughter ripped the bags from my hands, tearing the plastic one, and took them herself. After that, I started thinking that the daughter surely hated me… Possibly I\’ll start meeting with them only once a week instead of twice.My home teacher, Marshall Roedell(?), took me, Stetson, and J.D. out to a Chinese place here, Saigon something, tonight. The lady there was Cantonese — Toisanese, rather. Her name was Lau.

  2. Thankful says:

    How old is the daughter? It sounds like she just needed more attention or wanted to "help".

  3. Steve says:

    Well, she refused my carriage once before, too. I already tried giving her attention; she was personable the first day, but not after that. I think she either: a) sees me as an encroacher, b) resents my denial of her and her mother\’s UFO sighting, or c) wants to be helpful or grown up. She\’s about ten.

  4. Thankful says:

    Aww, I was betting she was younger…but the U.F.O. sighting may explain much. Perhaps it was an abduction of sorts and they are really experiments now. Do you remember when I saw \’one\’? Wait, you were too young, and not even there at the time, just Kelly and I. Anyway, \’it\’ certianly was not-identified, and certainly was flying, although I\’m sure there is a logical explanation for an ovaloid shaped, horizontally traveling bright object which spans the horizon quickly and then disappears…. would that be a meteor? 😉 😉

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