2010/03 – (-2)

Last month, I met a new online friend from Hong Kong, "Maggie"…  She was youngish and cat-nosed, but she was nice and I was happy to talk to her.  I added her on Facebook.  Eventually she acted a bit snooty and didn’t want to talk, so I deleted her… and noticed later that she also deleted me.  At that point, I cut the Facebook tie too.  I was a bit sad… to be back to zero again… socially.
I met Rie Teraoka some time ago at the ELC, where she teaches.  I’d all ready known her by the referral of Indonesian Josephine some years ago.  She had served in Hong Kong…  After meeting her, I saw her occasionally at the ELC, and once at the school library where we briefly bantered.  She was a little too pretty for me (all though I now have suspicions about her teeth).  Besides that, I’d seen some of her teaching files by chance on the ELC computer network, which for some reason is open to browsing.  I’d decided that she was a little worldly.
Today, though, I met two of my study buddies at the ELC.  After our meeting, I sat out in the hall for a couple minutes.  There came Teraoka Shimai up the stairs.  I began to avert my eyes, but she, feeling happy and spiritual or whatever, looked at me and smiled…  I kind of fudged a half-grin before entirely looking away.  On the counter-glance a second later, I saw her smile at a lady teacher.
Walking back to school… I concluded that, even if she was slightly worldly, I would be willing to be nice to her if she smiled at me.  I also thought that, if she was just happy, she possibly would have smiled at me at that moment no matter whom I was.
She speaks Japanese and Cantonese, besides English.  Since meeting Kim Jeong-un (another Hong Kong missionary from Korea) last semester and giving up on her because she wasn’t particularly nice or interested, I had essentially lost hope in meeting somebody like me who was engaged in trans-Oriental languages…  Meeting Teraoka Shimai had, I admit, rekindled that hope somewhat…  After the smile, and having nobody else, I determined to start considering her.
Back at school, I Facebooked her… and found her name was no longer Rie Teraoka, but Rie Teraoka Woo.  It seems she’s now married to some Singaporean Chinese guy.  Must have been somewhat recently.
…Well, she can choose what she wants.  It doesn’t matter to me…  Maybe he’s nice.  Maybe he’ll fulfill her dreams, as she has wagered…
…I just wish she hadn’t smiled at me.
If she tries it again, I’m going to ignore her.
(Fortunately, I go to the ELC less and less, because my study buddies have cut our schedule.)
…Back to zero again.
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2 Responses to 2010/03 – (-2)

  1. Thankful says:

    Smiles are free and are the universal language of nice, happy people everywhere, although on occasion they can be flirtatious. Besides that, I’m sure your mother certainly must have admonished you to SMILE always!

  2. Steve says:

    Besides that Maggie, I’ve very recently stopped talking with Munkhgerel, whom I mentioned some entries ago, because, after a certain less-effective chat, I thought I sensed that our budding acquaintanceship was about to wane.

    But I did meet a new person last week, a Viet sister. We’ve voice-chatted once, and her accent reminds me of the rude, haughty Viet girl at the ELC — but her words are quite opposite. She helped me think back to studying Viet language again, which I’ve had little opportunity to touch since last semester.

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