2010/04 – Sunday

I met with the student-ward bishop on Sunday, Mr. Dort from Haiti.  He scolded me a bit for putting him in a “difficult situation” with the endorsement (I had procrastinated, and I should have been a member of his student ward all along rather than going to the Asian Ward; he therefore had no way of knowing whether I’d been attending my meetings).
He had missed several points:
-I already had the proof that I’d been attending (in the form of a stack of programs collected from sacrament meetings)
-I had a good reason for being at the Asian Ward (he claimed that I lacked the “leads” of language and culture, either of which in fact apply to me, and neither of which necessarily apply to many people at that ward)
-The Asian Ward didn’t have good reason for disallowing me (maybe Haitians still assume “racism” only happens against… black people… ha ha)
-I had been trying to meet with him for several weeks already, but hadn’t been given sufficient priority by his scheduler (and had been interfered with by the Church-wide and stake conferences)
-I had lately been endeavouring to attend his ward anyway, and
-I already understood that by seeking his endorsement, I would be placing myself under his jurisdiction
Anyway, I just frowned and nodded at him, not wanting to aggravate him and jeopardize his assistance.  Satisfied that he had corrected me, he gave me a brief interview, committed me to participate in his ward, and then told me he’d turn in my form on Wednesday.
I fortunately won’t need to get another one, I think…  They should last a year.  But, anyway, I’ll have to make a reasonable effort to go to that ward now.
Later on Sunday, I went to Kiwanis Park with Ezra’s friends from #21 (since Stetson left, the emptiness at home has been a lot more troubling to me, and I’ve become a little more familiar with the sisters at 21).  I regretted recreating on Sunday… but tried to not act sour.  I met a fifth-grader there, Kim Dong Hyun.  I practiced a little with him, and advised him to not forget his Korean.  Later at 21, I watched two movies, both cartoons.  The second was “Anastasia”, part of which I’d watched with my former study buddy and her daughter.  It made me tremendously sad…  The girl reminded me of Tugsuu.  She has always had such a proud deportment…  I also thought back to the two Russians I have known the best: Valentina, an online girl (and semi-investigator of the Church) who had come to California and promptly gotten married to some guy, falling out of touch with me soon after; and Elena, the girl from my old school who had been quite nice to me for a short time, and whose name I couldn’t remember until now.
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2 Responses to 2010/04 – Sunday

  1. Steve says:

    About five days ago, we had cleaning checks, following which J.D. moved out. Ezra then left to #18 shortly after. I had a beautiful few days of quiet cleanliness. I went back home, and my mom helped me move some things back to the apartment to make it nicer.

    It ended yesterday. I came home to find two new people moved in and the furniture re-arranged. I wasn’t immediately sure I was going to get along with them… but they proved very friendly. Dave Greenland and Rusty MacDonald, roommates at their former place, now occupy J.D.’s and Stetson’s old room. Nobody has moved into mine yet… but maybe I’ll have another surprise when I go back today, since this has been the first day of classes.

    Before heading back home, my mother and I ate and visited the duck pond and Y trail (deciding not to hike it). While at the apartment, we were visited by Sherrie and Amanda from 21. Sherry later got an agreement of friendship from me… She visited again last night, doing her work while I got obliterated by Dave at chess twice in a row (by “obliterated” I mean “edged out”). He didn’t make mistakes… I’ll have to keep trying with him.

    I think I’ll have three classes this term. I just finished the first one. It was small and nice.

  2. Steve says:

    My religion teacher was a machine-gun-talker named Gaskill. I think I’ll have to bring hearing protection. His other flaw was that he, an adult convert, deprecated LDS for things he wouldn’t dream, in his large-mindedness, of belittling others for. All the ideas in the first class were very old to me, but I didn’t seem to get immediately bored or offended like I did last fall in that world religions class. I recognize that he’s just being a teacher and they’re just being students. They all need to pass through their stages.

    Sherrie came over, and later I did some of her puzzle at her place… but already I sense that our acquaintanceship is only one of convenience. Thinking of the Korean on my walk to this library, I felt sad.

    Of the many hundreds of walks I have left between that apartment and this school… it’s very likely that nearly all of them will be taken alone. Even so of my remaining years, or of the flights I have left between this country and that. But so it is with me.

    Maybe in the end I’ll shun foreign lands, and move and stay back home, to live out my time near to my only family…

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