2010/04 – Spring Term

So… as I mentioned in the prior comments, I was able to register for classes.  Today I missed a class I am thinking of auditing, but caught the teacher in the elevator and was given a course outline.  Next, I went to the linguistics department office and asked the secretary and human resources representative whether she had heard from my employer, Mark Davies, about any changes to his research assistant crew.  She showed me an e-mail from him informing her that two of us would still be working, and another two (I included) would not.  It was the first I had heard about it.  I had been unable to keep my full shift of this incredibly monotonous corpus-checking job (which had weighed down my whole semester), and that probably explains my sudden termination — but I’m aware that, at least during fall semester, others had worked half shifts.  While I had premonitions of repercussions on my employ, I guess I would have appreciated being made more clearly aware of what was expected of me.  I did enjoy learning new words, but I think you have to be a special type of person to continue at that position: one who can sit for hours at a time staring at a screen and clicking a mouse — and doing nothing else.  (From the beginning, I had also flouted his directive of applying inaccurate labelling codes for the sake of speed.  Users of his corpora certainly don’t need or want unreliable labels, and such sloppiness will in the end taint his entire work, which, excluding errors, is very impressive.  I have no idea whether the retained employees are quite as thorough as I was with the various codes, but I hope they share my priorities.)
I now enjoy the good fortune of being able to look for an easier, possible-to-accomplish job.
I will be starting a semi-time internship at the ELC next week or so, and the linguistics internship girl recently sent notice of another opening at the Selnate school, which I have visited before.  Ideally I can find a paid one, but if not, I’ll probably have to not take this audit class or any additional internship hours, and try to find a grunt position on campus.
Last weekend during my social vacation, I happened to find a very strange movie on T.V., "Shallow Hal", about ugly people.  I had started it half-way through, but then it came on a second time and I watched it again.  There were a very few preachy atheistic parts that I disliked, but I found it very provoking, relevant, and otherwise moral.
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